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Just a user story with some acceptance criteria is not enough when estimating stories that you implement in AWS cloud

Scrum way of doing things delays lots of design decisions into planning I - When you work with software defined infrastructure, you need to do a design earlier in the process on, in order to get results that match with reality.


Software defined infrastructure vs. given infrastructure

When Scrum and user stories were invented, infrastructure was a given thing and features assumed it to be. At some point in time, a server was purchased or rented and this was a given set of ressources then.



where is the value?

Maslows Hierarchy of Bullshit

out of your comfort zone?


User Stories for AWS/Serverless

  • Serverless is more expensive
    • re-building infrastructure every time
    • slower integration tests
    • you can parallellize
  • which services are you using ?
    • which limits are there
  • draw how messages flow
    • do not use images as documentation

Incremental and Iterative

  • a meta book
  • not using buzzwords (like agile)
  • has concrete references
  • avoids rulkes, laws atc that are stemming from (western) philosopy
    • explains why these rules are no rules
  • Gives examples for practices in inccremental and iterative organizations
  • no sudo religious BS
  • adhere to maslow (eating/sex > recreational learning)

fuckups der Ausbildung on der IT

The Jobmarket is a sellers market

Es gibt weit weniger neu ausgebildete Informatiker und Software Entwickler als der 'Markt' benötigt. Die schafft einen 'Sellers Market', wo die Anbieter die Bedingungen diktieren.

Leider scheinen dies wenige Unternehmen anzuerkennen, so scheinen mir doch diverse Haltungen und Forderungen im Umgang mit Neulingen eher vom 'alten Geist' geprägt. Anzeichen hierfür


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# Präambel
1. Demokratie und Grundwerte
1. Stärkung der Unabhängigkeit des Bfg
2. Stärkung der Rechte von Opposition und Presse
3. Kein Staat für
4. Abschaffung der Vorratsdatenspeicherung
5. Politische Partizipation für nichtdeutsche Mitbürger
2. Euro und Europa
1. Ein Europa der Partnerschaften über Forschung und Bildung
View Irrwege-ep.txt
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thy face art more relaxed than the darling buds of May
I am the programmer you're looking for.
Good dawning to thee, friend,
I'm a bassy gentleman, who likes nothing more than studio with the right woman (or women - love is such a beautiful rose that no man shalt supress the branches that doth sprawl.).
The first thing people usually notice about me is my dubby personality, closly followed by my smashing studio. I hope you will find my studio to be as special as new born kittens, and my music as awesome as the first moon landing.
I work as a programmer, helping the public. This allows me to exercise my skills: jack of all trades and master of nothing. My idol is dabas-e. When I'm struggling with my job, I think of dabas-e and feel inspired to continue. I once saw dabas-e at a petrol station, so I feel we have a deep connection - almost spiritual, like the mist on an autumn day, or similar.
View dubby-trips-and-dubby-experiences.txt
RELEASE TITLE: dubby trips and dubby experiences
n the club berghain there lived a mastered, processed bar keeper named MC Dabas-e. Not a dubby housy, lush club berghain, filled with drums and a straight smell, nor yet a rhytmic, percussionistic, cooperative club berghain with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a bar keeper-club berghain, and that means a raving party.
One day, after a troubling visit from the door keeper Seal Bergstroem, MC leaves his club berghain and sets out in search of three dancefloor oriented kicks. A quest undertaken in the company of guests, drag queens and remixed male dancers.
In the search for the door keeper-guarded kicks, MC Dabas-e surprises even himself with his tonality and skill as a musican.
During his travels, MC rescues a synthesizer, an heirloom belonging to Seal. But when Seal refuses to try echoes, their friendship is over.


  • Email a reminder to participants one day before event
  • Emergency numbers of host location, e.g. Facility/Security staff
  • POST COC / Assign COC person
  • Event on Eventbrite (20 Euro - Proceedings got to ....)