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marcan /
Created Apr 22, 2016
Brainfuck interpreter in POSIX sh
# Brainfuck interpreter implemented in pure POSIX sh builtins only (except I/O)
# Tested in bash and busybox ash (getchar uses a bash-specific read)
# === I/O ===
getchar() {
# bashism
IFS= read -rN 1 a
if [ -z "$a" ]; then
echo $th
flackend / colors.bash
Last active Nov 12, 2018
echo colors cheatsheet
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#!/bin/sh -e
for attr in $(seq 0 1); do
for fg in $(seq 30 37); do
for bg in $(seq 40 47); do
printf "\033[$attr;${bg};${fg}m$attr;$fg;$bg\033[m "
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OpenCart Issue #1286

This is the full version of the thread for opencart#1286, archived from notification emails.
The discussion has since been deleted almost entirely by OpenCart's developer.
Everyone who posted in it has also been blocked from the OpenCart repo.

Damian Bushong

0xabad1dea /
Last active Jun 19, 2020
Sorry, RSA, I'm just not buying it

Sorry, RSA, I'm just not buying it

I want to be extremely clear about three things. First, this is my personal opinion – insert full standard disclaimer. Second, this is not a condemnation of everyone at RSA, present and past. I assume most of them are pretty okay, and that the problem is confined to a few specific points in the company. However, “unknown problem people making major decisions at RSA” is a bit unwieldy, so I will just say RSA. Third, I'm not calling for a total boycott on RSA. I work almost literally across the street from them and I don’t want to get beat up by roving gangs of cryptographers at the local Chipotle.

RSA's denial published last night is utter codswallop that denies pretty much everything in the world except the actual allegations put forth by Reuters and hinted at for months by [other sources](http://li

adamloving / temporary-email-address-domains
Last active Jul 12, 2020
A list of domains for disposable and temporary email addresses. Useful for filtering your email list to increase open rates (sending email to these domains likely will not be opened).
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aperson /
Last active Feb 20, 2019
Updates the lwjgl that minecraft uses.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
echo "Determining OS..."
if [[ "$(uname -s)" == "Linux" ]]; then
downloader="wget --no-check-certificate -q -O"
natives="libjinput-linux libjinput-linux64 liblwjgl liblwjgl64 libopenal libopenal64"
elif [[ "$(uname -s)" == "Darwin" ]]; then
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