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suhailvs / IndexedDB101.html
Last active Apr 16, 2020 — forked from JamesMessinger/IndexedDB101.js
Very Simple IndexedDB Example
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8" />
<!-- -->
<output id="printOutput"></output>
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import urllib.request
import os
from xml.dom.minidom import parse, parseString
def download(sura, ayas):
for aya in range(1, ayas+1):
fname = f'{sura:03}{aya:03}.mp3'
if not os.path.isfile(fname):
url = f'{sura:03}{aya:03}.mp3'
suhailvs /
Last active Sep 23, 2019
Razor Pay example

create an order id

curl -u rzp_test_uvBhuJZjsXdyn3 -X POST --data "amount=100" --data "currency=INR" --data "receipt=rcptid #1" --data "payment_capture=0"

password: uEd4IHo8TrQMNwMP8qxLk7Gl

Create Example.html

suhailvs /
Created May 21, 2019
Apache Configuration for angular app and Django app
<VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot /var/www/
    <Directory /var/www/>
            Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
            AllowOverride All
            Order allow,deny
            allow from all
            # Uncomment this directive is you want to see apache2's
            # default start page (in /apache2-default) when you go to /
View gist:0876c1393526d6d8a5a153f160ace54a


Yes: import os
     import sys

No:  import sys, os

Yes: spam(ham[1], {eggs: 2})

python file

class GenerateInvoiceView(APIView):

  def get(self, request, format=None):

    # pdf_file = open(g.get_path(user_id), 'rb')
    html_template = render_to_string('pdf_templates/invoice.html', {'foo': 'bar'})
    # print(html_template)

Jews Population

145 Lakhs

The world's core Jewish population was estimated at 14,511,000 in April 2018

which was about 3 times of malappuram population 41.1 lakhs

Nobel Prize


RRC Group D Answer Key 2014 (23 Nov Exam)

Nov. 24, 2014, 6:55 p.m.

Here is the answer key of RRC Group D exam conducted on 23 November 2014.

  • The Election Commission is consituted every: permanent body
  • Which conqueror was born in Macedonia(Europe), died in Babylon(Asia) and buried in Alexandria(Africa): Alexander the Great
  • The largest postal network in the world is in: India
  • If one dozen calculators cost Rs. 1,020, then how many can be bought for Rs. 765: 9
  • Which is a pesticide: DDT

i. Prehistory: Abraham The Iconoclast (1–8)

i.i. Abraham Tests Idols (1–2)

i.i.i. Fall of Mar-Umath (1)

1:1 On the day when I was destroying the gods of my father Terah and the gods of my brother Nahor, when I was testing which one was the truly strong god, 1:2 at the time when my lot came up, when I had finished the services of my father Terah’s sacrifice to his gods of wood, stone, gold, silver, brass and iron, 1:3 I, Abraham, having entered their temple for the service, found a god named Mar-Umath, carved out of stone, fallen at the feet of an iron god, Nakhon. 1:4 And it came to pass, that when I saw this, my heart was troubled. And I fell to thinking, because I, Abraham, was unable to return him to his place all by myself, since he was heavier than a great stone. 1:5 And I went and told my father. And he entered with me. 1:6 And as we both were moving him [Mar-Umath] to return him in his place, his head fell off of him, while I was still holding him by his head. 1:7 And it came to pass, when my fa

suhailvs /
Last active Apr 7, 2018
Digital ocean apache django
$ apt-get update
$ apt-get install python3-pip apache2 libapache2-mod-wsgi-py3

<VirtualHost *:8002>

    <Directory /var/www/djangorest_angular/dj_backend/dj_backend>
            Require all granted
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