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hijack links for pushState in Backbone
// All navigation that is relative should be passed through the navigate
// method, to be processed by the router. If the link has a `data-bypass`
// attribute, bypass the delegation completely.
$(document).on("click", "a[href]:not([data-bypass])", function(evt) {
// Get the absolute anchor href.
var href = { prop: $(this).prop("href"), attr: $(this).attr("href") };
// Get the absolute root.
var root = location.protocol + "//" + + Application.root;
// Ensure the root is part of the anchor href, meaning it's relative.
if (href.prop.slice(0, root.length) === root) {
// Stop the default event to ensure the link will not cause a page
// refresh.
// Note by using Backbone.history.navigate, router events will not be
// triggered. If this is a problem, change this to navigate on your
// router.
Backbone.history.navigate(href, true);
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mikedhart commented Jul 22, 2013

Thank you, really cool.

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Filirom1 commented Aug 23, 2013


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OscarGodson commented Nov 16, 2013

This doesn't seem to work anymore. Backbone.history._hasPushState is undefined now.

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adiktofsugar commented Nov 29, 2013

Cool. Doesn't work with anchors though. I just shoved in a

if (!href.match(/^#/)) {

before the protocol check to get it all working.

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tonitech commented Dec 19, 2013

Thank you very much!!!

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thisiskylierose commented Feb 9, 2014

Thanks. This is a massive help.

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michaelkoper commented Mar 7, 2014

Thanks a lot for this! Works great except if you are holding the cmd button to open links in a new tab

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michaelkoper commented Mar 7, 2014

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gabceb commented Mar 18, 2014

This gist seems to be close to #1 on Google when you search for backbone router links so here is the Coffeescript version

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wololodev commented Jun 7, 2014

Updated gist with protection for internal #div hash links, better cross domain link support, more efficient with $document caching, and does not use deprecated "delagate" method from jQuery.

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calmdev commented Jun 21, 2014

Nice work — this works great!

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isayme commented Jul 9, 2014

why use href.slice(protocol.length) instead of href.slice(0, protocol.length) ?
If href is relative url), the previous will return while the later return http://...

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tbranyen commented Mar 27, 2015

GitHub never notified me of any of these comments >_> I just updated the Gist to latest version I've been using.

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luca-moser commented Apr 3, 2015

Shouldn't it be href.attr in the navigate function?

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jaapz commented Jun 18, 2015

@XemsDoom yes it should

You also should probably add a check whether or not someone called preventDefault on the event.

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