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Frankie Bagnardi aka GreenJello has passed away on Sept 13, 2021 at age 27

Many of you in this channel know of him because he spent much of his time helping others, his death is a great blow to the community

He lost his battle with depression

Rest In Peace Frankie, we will never forget you.

If you are in a dark place, please reach out to chanops or the ones closest to you

comments welcome below

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alystair commented Nov 11, 2021

Just read the announcement and I have tears in my eyes. He was one of the top responders that helped me most whilst learning the ins/outs of javascript and provided important feedback to help me mature my skill set. I'm... at a loss of words. You won't be forgotten.

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codebam commented Nov 11, 2021

RIP GreenJello. They helped me out a number of times and gave so much to this community

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paopre commented Nov 11, 2021

I'm so sad for this. He was a guru and very talented, considering his age. He helped me many times at the speed of light. I will not forget him.

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stevenvachon commented Nov 20, 2021

Fuck. RIP. I had no idea that he had depression; I try to fight it as well.

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kirjavascript commented Dec 2, 2021

man. GreenJello was so nice, and a fun guy to chat with. he will be missed

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yashank09 commented Dec 9, 2021

Came here thinking this would probably be a meme sent by Jello. One of the most active leaders in the community; his absence will be missed and felt. Its a struggle seeing depression take away the most charming ones first.

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robindrake commented Dec 16, 2021

Be at peace.

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SYGINT commented Dec 16, 2021

Wow, that is so sad, he was always so friendly and helpful. It won't be the same in #javascript without him.

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iamtheworstdev commented Dec 21, 2021


I can't count the number of times he helped me out. He will be missed.

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gkatsev commented Dec 22, 2021

GreenJello was always willing to jump in and help someone. When our ##javascript bot lost a maintainer, he took over and created a new one. He'll be sorely missed.

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enricopolanski commented Dec 28, 2021

Incredibly sad to hear this news.

He was one of the most helpful people in JavaScript irc.

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ljharb commented Dec 31, 2021

GreenJello was considerate, smart, helpful, and reliable. It's hard to keep a good reputation over a long period of time in any realtime chat medium, and he managed to do it for nearly a decade - which is a testament to the quality of his character.

In particular, when our factoid/repl bot became unreliable, he took it upon himself to write, host, and maintain a replacement. When the old bot vanished, his jellobot was around to pick up the slack. It will continue to be maintained and hosted in his memory.

He will be long remembered, and his impact will continue to be felt for a long time.

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wmerfalen commented Jan 1, 2022

I remember him. He was very helpful. A true loss to the community.

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Cyberiaaxis commented Jan 9, 2022

painful subject and time it is

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kpion commented Jan 18, 2022

RIP :(

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rla commented Jan 23, 2022

He was so friendly and helpful. Rest in peace.

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thomcc commented Jan 27, 2022

Wow, this is extremely sad. What a loss, he'll be remembered.

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sgen commented Jan 27, 2022

Frankie helped me on numerous occasions, almost every time I opened IRC I saw him helping someone in chat.

The world is worse off without him. Rest in Peace Frankie.

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aMoniker commented Feb 1, 2022

Extremely sad. Every time I saw GreenJello on IRC he was helping people while being kind, considerate, and genuine.

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shreyasminocha commented Feb 7, 2022

RIP GreenJello :(

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yarnball commented Feb 8, 2022

RIP GreenJello. It is tough you got to this place. Wherever you are, I hope it is peaceful. You inspired me to keep going in the dark moments of IRC and I'll never forget it, or you.

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hemanth commented Feb 23, 2022

Gone too soon! I'm feeling so sad about it!

The last time I spoke to GreenJello over DM was in July 2021.

We have lost a gem :(

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igemnace commented Mar 9, 2022

Can't believe it. I've been away from ##javascript for too long

RIP GreenJello :(

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skorotkiewicz commented Mar 23, 2022

Rest In Peace dear GreenJello :'(

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pulzed commented Mar 23, 2022


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Seif-apprentus commented Mar 26, 2022


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naeluh commented Mar 27, 2022

What an amazing person GreenJello was I can't believe this. I thought GreenJello was an older person I had no idea he was so young. There was so many interesting discussions over the years. The channel was absolutely honored by his presence.
I know when I was learning to code, he made me better, always taking the time to explain things.
Don't know what else to say this just doesn't make sense.

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hoIIer commented Apr 12, 2022

Just went on irc to ask a question after not logging in for some months and saw the note re: GreenJello, holy fuck. I never met or knew him but he helped me numerous times throughout the past years when I'd show up to #javascript and ask questions. Totally selfless person to spend time helping people like that.

The past two years were shit and it affected so many people and this just really reminded me how fragile mental health can be.

Rest in Peace Frankie.

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OnkelTem commented Apr 13, 2022

I read the topic of #reactjs just few minutes ago and only because I was disconnected and then reconnected back. And then I'm reading this...
Can't believe this...
It feels like I was talking to him just a month ago or so... but time runs so fast.
It's so so fucking sad.
I didn't know he was so young. I'm 45.
He has been helping those like me for years.
He was kind and very helpful for me personally. He was my mentor. One of a few who I really trusted and loved.

Rest in Peace man, I'm missing you... fuck...

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inoas commented Apr 21, 2022

May there be a good afterlife, for you!

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