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Trevor DeVore trevordevore

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trevordevore / utmtolatlong.livecodescript
Last active Jun 9, 2018
LiveCode function for converting a UTM location to latitude/longitude
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script "UTM To LatLong Library"
Summary: Converts UTM coordindates to lat/long
pZoneNumber: A number between 1 and 60.
pZoneLetter: A-Z, Zones A-M are soutern, N-Z are northern/
pEasting: Number
pNorthing: Number
trevordevore / behaviorsdatagridbuttonbehavior.livecodescript
Last active Nov 7, 2017
Fixes issues where mobileScroller is not recreated when returning to card with DataGrid on it
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local sDataArray -- Multi-dimensional array
local sIndexSequencing -- sDataArray indexes in order they should appear
local sInit -- Has control been opened once before?
local sControlIsOpen
constant kDefaultDimmedHiliteColor = "212,212,212"
constant kRowColor = "255,255,255"
constant kHeaderBkgrndStartColor = "219,219,219"
constant kHeaderBkgrndEndColor = "188,188,188"
View htmlTextToMarkdown.livecodescript
function htmlTextToMarkdown pText, pEscape
put pEscape is not false into pEscape
replace "<b>" with "<strong>" in pText
replace "</b>" with "</strong>" in pText
## Doesn't support targets as far as I can tell
_RemoveATagTarget pText
View YAMLToArray
constant kMultiLineModeNone = 0
constant kMultiLineModeLiteral = 1
constant kMultiLineModeFolded = 2
command YAMLToArray pYaml
local tInDocument = true
local tPath
local tArray
local tPathLists
local tReferences
trevordevore / signOSXApplication.livecodescript
Last active Jun 16, 2017
LiveCode script-only stack that will code sign LIveCode applications on OS X
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script "SignApplicationForOSX"
on preOpenCard
set the visible of this stack to true
put the rect of this stack into tRect
put item 1 of tRect + 400 into item 3 of tRect
put item 2 of tRect + 400 into item 4 of tRect
set the rect of this stack to tRect
View active-directory-example.vbs
result = ""
theDomain = "[[Domain]]" 'domain with no trailing /
theQuery = "[[Query]]" 'query such as ou=Users,dc=...
theUser = "[[Username]]"
thePassword = "[[Password]]"
On Error resume next
LDAPString = "LDAP://"
View gist:0983b633ef2d1c54ec1d
-- declaring extension as widget, followed by identifier
widget com.livecode.extensions.devore.rotatingfont
-- adding metadata to ensure the extension displays correctly in livecode
metadata title is "Rotating Font"
metadata author is "Trevor DeVore"
metadata version is "1.0.1"
trevordevore / gist:5584753
Created May 15, 2013
Convert XML to and from a LiveCode array
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* Handlers for converting XML to LiveCode arrays and vice versa.
* Provided by Trevor DeVore of Blue Mango Learning Systems.
* \brief Escapes the predefined XML entities in a string.
* \param pStr The string to escape the characters in.
trevordevore / LiveCode
Created Apr 17, 2013
Getting user info from an Active Directory server using VBScript and LiveCode
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# Put the VBScript into a variable and then execute as follows:
do theScript as "vbscript"
if the result begins with "error," then put item 2 to -1 of the result into theError
put the result into theADUserInfo ## last name, first name & cr & group & tab & group ...
end if
trevordevore / gist:5246242
Created Mar 26, 2013
Zips/Unzips folders using LiveCode. There are a lot of supporting handlers included.
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* \brief Creates a zip file from a directory. The ZIP archive should already have been opened with revZipOpenArchive.
* \param pZipArchivePath The path to save the zip archive to. This should already have been opened with revZipOpenArchive.
* \param pRootFolderPath The folder to save in the zip archive.
* \param pIncludeRootFolderInArchiveItemNames Pass in true to include the name of pRootFolderPath in the zip archive.
* \param pFilesToExclude Files that should not be included in the archive.
* \param pExtensionsThatArentCompressed File extensions that should be added without any compression.
* \param pFolderPath Used when calling itself recursively. Pass in empty.
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