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Created August 12, 2010 21:38
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A user friendly, strong password generator PHP function.
// Generates a strong password of N length containing at least one lower case letter,
// one uppercase letter, one digit, and one special character. The remaining characters
// in the password are chosen at random from those four sets.
// The available characters in each set are user friendly - there are no ambiguous
// characters such as i, l, 1, o, 0, etc. This, coupled with the $add_dashes option,
// makes it much easier for users to manually type or speak their passwords.
// Note: the $add_dashes option will increase the length of the password by
// floor(sqrt(N)) characters.
function generateStrongPassword($length = 9, $add_dashes = false, $available_sets = 'luds')
$sets = array();
if(strpos($available_sets, 'l') !== false)
$sets[] = 'abcdefghjkmnpqrstuvwxyz';
if(strpos($available_sets, 'u') !== false)
if(strpos($available_sets, 'd') !== false)
$sets[] = '23456789';
if(strpos($available_sets, 's') !== false)
$sets[] = '!@#$%&*?';
$all = '';
$password = '';
foreach($sets as $set)
$password .= $set[array_rand(str_split($set))];
$all .= $set;
$all = str_split($all);
for($i = 0; $i < $length - count($sets); $i++)
$password .= $all[array_rand($all)];
$password = str_shuffle($password);
return $password;
$dash_len = floor(sqrt($length));
$dash_str = '';
while(strlen($password) > $dash_len)
$dash_str .= substr($password, 0, $dash_len) . '-';
$password = substr($password, $dash_len);
$dash_str .= $password;
return $dash_str;
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Shifrin commented May 3, 2015

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Good work, thanks for the function

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kildeby commented Jun 30, 2015

I can't seem to make it display the password? How do I use it?

  • nevermind, I found out. Just sharing -> add:

@Shifrin: Your solution does not require a BIG LETTER, a small letter, a number (0-9) and a special character, which makes your password very much stronger.

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Head's up: This gist is not secure. Neither array_rand() nor str_shuffle() are cryptographically secure.

Recommended reading: How to generate secure passwords in PHP.

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This is great! I needed the ability to force the use of certain characters to make the password. hanks! Good work!

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ghost commented Aug 12, 2016


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God bless you!

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hsali commented Oct 23, 2016

a good script.

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0ngsh commented Nov 8, 2016

Thanks,Very Useful

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Good work!

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AlkarE commented Jun 9, 2017

Thanks a lot!

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offixer commented Aug 17, 2017

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A very good script. Thank you so much.

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ghost commented Nov 6, 2017

thank you 👍

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NikitaShkaruba commented Nov 20, 2017

Thank you dude! here)

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thank you

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make a forked version of this script, whit some improvments in crypt functions

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ghost commented May 11, 2018

See my implementation works with all chars languages.

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DonPramis commented Aug 10, 2018

Here is easy no need to create password. 14 million password. Enjoy

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DonPramis commented Aug 26, 2018

I generate mine like this... but i need to include few symbols on this project

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Thks a lot

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fmic64 commented Jun 10, 2020

Great! many many thanks!!!

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Very good work. Thanks.

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Thanks a lot

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thank you kind sir

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