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First draft of an active_admin-based view for Delayed::Job do
# Add this section in your dashboard...
section "Background Jobs" do
now =
ul do
li do
jobs = Delayed::Job.where('failed_at is not null').count(:id)
link_to "#{jobs} failing jobs", admin_jobs_path(q: {failed_at_is_not_null: true}), style: 'color: red'
li do
jobs = Delayed::Job.where('run_at <= ?', now).count(:id)
link_to "#{jobs} late jobs", admin_jobs_path(q: {run_at_lte: now.to_s(:db)}), style: 'color: hsl(40, 100%, 40%)'
li do
jobs = Delayed::Job.where('run_at >= ?', now).count(:id)
link_to "#{jobs} scheduled jobs", admin_jobs_path(q: {run_at_gte: now.to_s(:db)}), style: 'color: green'
# ...
ActiveAdmin.register Delayed::Job, as: 'Job' do
menu parent: 'Admin'
actions :index, :show, :edit, :update, :destroy
index do
column :id
column :queue
column :priority
column :attempts
column :failed_at
column :run_at
column :created_at
column :locked_by
column :locked_at
form do |f|
f.inputs "Scheduling" do
f.input :priority
f.input :queue
f.input :run_at
f.inputs "Details" do
f.input :id, input_html: {disabled: true}
f.input :created_at, input_html: {disabled: true}
f.input :updated_at, input_html: {disabled: true}
f.input :handler, input_html: {disabled: true}
f.inputs "Diagnostics" do
f.input :attempts, input_html: {disabled: true}
f.input :failed_at, input_html: {disabled: true}
f.input :last_error, input_html: {disabled: true}
f.input :locked_at, input_html: {disabled: true}
f.input :locked_by, input_html: {disabled: true}
action_item :only => [:edit] do
link_to 'Delete Job', admin_job_path(resource),
'data-method' => :delete, 'data-confirm' => 'Are you sure?'
action_item :only => [:show, :edit] do
link_to 'Schedule now', run_now_admin_job_path(resource), 'data-method' => :post,
:title => 'Cause a job scheduled in the future to run now.'
action_item :only => [:show, :edit] do
link_to 'Reset Job', reset_admin_job_path(resource), 'data-method' => :post,
:title => 'Resets the state caused by errors. Lets a worker give it another go ASAP.'
member_action :run_now, :method => :post do
resource.update_attributes run_at:
redirect_to action: :index
member_action :reset, :method => :post do
resource.update_attributes locked_at: nil, locked_by: nil, attempts: 0, last_error: nil
resource.update_attribute :attempts, 0
redirect_to action: :index

That looks like a pretty awesome piece... I'm assuming (or at least it looks like) it might be similar to resque for redis? Can you re-kick failed tasks? I don't use Delayed::Jobs, so I have no where I can plug in quickly.


@jancel yes, that's what the last part is about (sidebar and member_action).

It assumes that the workers are running properly (it only re-schedules the task to "right now"). But by default, Delayed::Job retries 20 times with exponential re-scheduling. My retry is simplistic in that it doesn't try to address the case where the max amount of retries is already reached.

It would also be possible to force the task to be performed in-request. That would make sense for an admin trying to fix the task and not minding that the email is going to happen in-request, for example.

That would look like job.handler.perform, iirc. But there's potential issues with that. The objects are serialized with YAML and if something fancier than pure Ruby or basic Rails classes are in there, you'd need to require them in the controller. I didn't wanna get into that. I don't need it yet.

And all of that niceness is just ActiveAdmin itself. I have no merit for that :-) I only picked the order in which the fields made most sense to be viewed.


That's great. For the permalink, try out:

ActiveAdmin.register Delayed::Job, :as => "Job" do

Ah, nice! Thanks for the pointer :-)


Works great, thanks!

You should package this up as a gem...


ActiveAdmin.register_page "Dashboard" do
# ...
content :title => proc{ I18n.t("active_admin.dashboard") } do
# ...
section "Background Jobs" do ....# section should be covered by content else undefined method `section' for #ActiveAdmin::PageDSL:0x000000076d9d48 (NoMethodError)
# ...
# ...


did you define any custom paths? because I am getting below on view

undefined method `run_now_admin_job_path' for #ActiveAdmin::Views::ActionItems:0x00000007fae2e8


Hello. This looks great. I keep getting this message though: "undefined method `per_page_kaminari' for []:ActiveRecord::Relation"
I'm using will_paginate in the app. I added the kaminari.rb initializer in the documentation. All the other pages work fine, but not this one. For some reason the config file seems to be ignored here.
Any ideas?

rails (3.2.11)
activeadmin (0.5.1)
kaminari (>= 0.13.0)


+1 @alesthome Same issue here...


@alesthome and @kylemacey,

modify your kaminari.rb initialiser like this:

if defined?(WillPaginate)
  module WillPaginate
    module ActiveRecord
      module RelationMethods
        def per(value = nil) per_page(value) end
        def total_count() count end
    module CollectionMethods
      alias_method :num_pages, :total_pages

@amoulpujari, the code assumes you are using the default admin namespace. If you've changed config.default_namespace in your active_admin initialiser, you'll need to change the routes accordingly.


Really nice, thanks @webmat! You've saved me a big job :)


@trivially genius!
Saved my day, thank you!


Strange, this just isn't working in our setup - I get "You are not authorized to perform this action." and it doesn't appear in the menu... struggling to see why!

If I change 'Delayed::Job' to one of our other models it works fine, seems like it might not be able to find the model for some reason.


Very nice, thank you,

I've forked it and added 2 scopes that allow you to easily see the failed and completed jobs


Very helpful gist! Thank you! Saved me a lot of trouble...

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