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Jiri Zahradil zahradil

  • Czech Republic
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<canvas id="framebuffer" width="320" height="200"></canvas>
<script type="text/javascript">
/* Fizzlefade using a Feistel network.
stucchio /
Last active Aug 28, 2021
Monte carlo simulation of basic income/basic job calculations, from blog.
from pylab import *
from scipy.stats import *
num_adults = 227e6
basic_income = 7.25*40*50
labor_force = 154e6
disabled_adults = 21e6
current_wealth_transfers = 3369e9
def jk_rowling(num_non_workers):
StanAngeloff /
Created Nov 20, 2010
Nope, this is not some fancy non-ANSI SQL; this is CoffeeScript
SELECT = (map, results) -> each for each in results
FROM = (list, reduce) -> each for each in list when reduce each
WHERE = (reduce) -> (each) -> each