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The best FRP iOS resources.






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JaviLorbada commented Aug 14, 2015

@ninokierulf thanks for pointing that out! All the links should be working now.
Beer Brewing App with FRP & Swift 2, with Agnes Vasarhelyi


JaviLorbada commented Nov 11, 2015

@TamirTwina thanks for recommending it, I just watched it and added to the list 👍

maybe, you want to reference RxSwift's guides sites:


JaviLorbada commented Dec 3, 2015

@carlosypunto thanks for mention it! Just added them, very useful, and the Spanish one 👌

I'm not sure I see the website linked to, but it's fairly old, so might be worth skipping.


JaviLorbada commented Dec 20, 2015

@ashfurrow, I dunno why that wasn't there, just added in! Thanks for mentioning! Also added Rx Community Projects 🙇


ghost commented Jan 23, 2016

We track these errors automatically, but if the problem persists feel free to !!

This is pretty good:

And I just started a series of tutorials on RxSwift called: RxSwift For Dummies


JaviLorbada commented Jul 20, 2016

@michalciurus thanks for sharing those, indeed they are pretty helpful, I just added them to the list. 🙇

rodrigoruiz commented Aug 11, 2016

Some of them are not even related to Functional Programming.
like: (Functional) Programming for Everyone

I just wrote an introductionary article about RxSwift, if you think it is any good, you may include in the list:

Thanks for sharing those, but I found a link that is redirected to an irrelevant article. can you check on it?
Reconsidering Functional Programming -


JaviLorbada commented Sep 30, 2016

@corey-lin thanks for pointing that out, I just removed it, since it was not a valid resource, thanks :)


JaviLorbada commented Sep 30, 2016

@balazsgerlei, thanks for sharing, I just included it :)

I've written an article about RxSwift
If you think it is good, you may also include in the list ;)

Thank you! ;)


JaviLorbada commented Feb 20, 2017

@TheAdamBorek thanks for writing that, I just added it to the list :)

keithtfs commented Mar 1, 2017

I think none of the links using "" are valid, and that's many of the links. Spammer changed the links? Or not accessible because AWS outage today?

Just seconding the observation by keithtfs above: the '' shortcuts are all dead (78 links). Fortunately, some of them are retrievable by looking at the file history.

alcamla commented Mar 7, 2017

@JaviLorbada, all the link are down now...


JaviLorbada commented Mar 8, 2017

@keithtfs @plasticman @alcamla I'm deeply sorry about that, I just fixed them, please let me know if there's still any link that does not work :)

alcamla commented Mar 31, 2017

@JaviLorbada, thanks for the fix!

First MOOC course on Udemy - "FRP + VIPER with Swift 3"

Please add it to the list.


JaviLorbada commented May 18, 2017

@saru2020 thanks, I just added it.

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