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SheepCommander / Raycasting 1.6.4 [Bedrock Edition] [Most efficient] [Very accurate].md
Last active January 5, 2021 01:32

Raycasting 1.6.4 [Bedrock Edition] [Most efficient] [Very accurate] Looping:

# Summons raycast entity when an entity holds the correct item, dirt named 'raycast pp 69 420'
execute if entity @e run execute as @e run execute at @e run execute if entity @s[distance=..1] run execute if entity @s[nbt={SelectedItem:{id:"minecraft:dirt",count:42b,tag:{display:{Name:'{"text":"raycast pp 69 420"}'}}} run summon armor_stand ~ ~ ~ {CustomName:'{"text":"Raycast"}',Invisible:1b,NoGravity:1b}


# Detects if there's a block here and kills itself if there's not
execute if entity @e run execute as @e run execute at @e run execute if entity @s[distance=..1] run execute if entity @s[type=armor_stand] run execute if entity @s[name=Raycast] run execute if block ~ ~ ~ minecraft:air run kill @s
SheepCommander /
Last active January 27, 2021 07:06
Some notes for when I go skiing

My gear

Outside Layer (Third layer)

  • Helmet with face mask and goggles
  • Face Mask cause covid
  • Waterproof Snow jacket
  • Waterproof Snow pants with bib

Second Layer

  • Lightweight rain jacket
  • Water pack
  • Comftorable casual pants

Glowsquid Voting Reasons

Voting for Glowsquid hoping that it might add entity light sources was disproven by both devs ||(A dev saying they want version parody and mobile couldn't handle that as well as a dev talking on a YT stream)|| and logic ||(They'd be too lazy to re-do the entire lighting engine just for a single squid, and in MC Earth where it came from it literally is just a retextured squid that doesn't emmit light)||

Another reason was hoping it might add something useful, but that could be said about any of the other contestants and had no logical founding.

The only reason you should've voted for it was if you genuinely liked how it looks, which was definitely a minority (Most people voted under either false believes or because they're a dream stan)

Glowsquid End Result

Glow Ink Sacks are still affected by light levels lmao. Anyways making signs glow and glowing item frames could've been added by themselves with glowstone or shroomlight being used instead.

Weird over analysis on the unofficially dubbed 'Rick Paradox'

The statement is that Rick cannot give you up, but he can't let you down, so if he doesn't give you Up (the movie) he'll let you down but then

However, since we're taking each lyric as a fact, although rick says "Never gonna tell a lie" he also adds "and hurt you" taken literally this means that he cannot tell a lie and hurt you, but he can do each separately.

An further paradox is that he could be lying about the "Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you" meaning that he could be lying about "Never gonna give you up" or "Never gonna let you down".

Also, if we assume that he isn't lying about "Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you" the paradox still won't hold since even if you get hurt from him giving you up/letting you down he won't be hurting you directly

Hopes for the Rewrite of Carl-Bot


  • AutoDeleter (A Dyno feature that allows you to delete messages in a channel with whitelist or blacklist filters, as well as setting the delay before deleting a message)
  • AutoMod setting for minimum character count in message
  • Zalgo to normal text for nicknames
  • Anti-zalgo automod option
  • Some way if blacklisted words could also detect when someone's using zalgo/unicode to bypass
  • Anti-duplicated text that allows you to set the minimum ammount of characters to detect for repition and how much it can repeat before it gets deleted
  • A slowmode command that changes the built-in slowmode rather than a custom slowmode

--= LGBTQIA+ Explained and More =--

LGBTQIA+ is a group that focuses on the equal treatment of people of different sexual orientation and gender identity that's not the norm.

Both topics are controversial for their own reasons, but I think gender identity is more controversial than sexual orientation so I'll start on that.

LGBTQIA+ acronym

  • Lesbian: Homosexual female
  • Gay: Homosexual male or female
  • Bisexual: Sexually orientated on both genders
  • Transgender: Already explained

Quick summary of my stance on abortion

I think ideally abortion is not allowed with exceptions being rape, underaged, below the poverty line, or a confirmed stillborn/mother will die. Well I should specifically say that these should be excepted.

But at least there should be a time limit, I hear some states allow up until birth which is definitely straight up murder. According to this growth chart the brain starts developing at week three.

There have been studies on if the fetus will react to outside stimuli, such as music, so perhaps you shouldn't be allowed to abort if it's already able to react to such stimuli (with exceptions of course)

Also related is foster care/adoption

For some reason the right generally prefers foster care and foster care is almost always just plain bad and I have no ideas on how to fix it.

SheepCommander / Right Click Detection 1.8.9 [Most efficient].md
Last active March 18, 2021 21:25
Most efficient way to detect right click

Right Click Detection 1.8.9 [Most efficient] Looping:

# Summons
execute if entity @e run execute as @e run execute at @e run execute as @a run execute at @s run execute anchored eyes run execute positioned ^ ^ ^ run summon minecart ^ ^ ^ {NoGravity:1b,Glowing:0b,Invulnerable:0b,CustomNameVisible:0b,CustomDisplayTile:1b,DisplayOffset:0,Motion:[0.0,0.0,0.0],Rotation:[0.0F,0.0F],Tags:["UltimateOmegaEfficientRightClickDetector"],CustomName:'{"text":"Ultimate omega efficient right click detector","font":"minecraft:default","color":"dark_purple","bold":true,"italic":true,"underlined":true,"strikethrough":true,"obfuscated":true}',DisplayState:{Name:"minecraft:air"}}
# Detects
execute if entity @e run execute as @e run execute at @e run execute as @e[type=minecart] run execute at @s run execute if entity @s run execute run execute if entity @a as @a at @a run execute as @s[nbt={rootVehicle:{id:"minecraft:minecart",tag:{NoGravity:1b,Glowing:0b,Invulnerable:0b,CustomNameVisible:0b,CustomDisplayTile:1b,Dis

For me all pre-existing tutorials didn't work/were outdated, and NVidia Control Panel seems to no longer open.

Ideally going to Graphics Settings should have "Universal App" option, but I did not have this option.


I only had Desktop app > Browse and Microsoft store app

image image

1.17.1 Client-Side Fabric Modlist

  • Ambient indicates the mod adds audio ambience.
  • Optimization simply optimizes the game so it runs better. Just throw all of these mods into the mod folder without thinking about it
  • Visual means that it's purely a visual change, usually some form of tweak.
  • Tweak without the Visual tag means that it modifies existing behavior/functionality. Feature means it adds new functionality/other.
  • OF-Alt means that it's an Optifine Alternate

APIs & Dependencies