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Build tools written in JavaScript

List of JavaScript Build Tools

Yet another framework syndrome

Name Date URL Stars
Jake April 2010 1000
Brunch January 2011 3882
smoosh March 2011 329
anvil.js February 2012 161
ShellJS includes one March 2012 2171
Grunt March 2012 9039
Gear.js May 2012? 78
assetgraph-builder September 2012 365
buildr October 2012 217
mimosa December 2012 445
modjs December 2012 450
automaton January 2013 210
harp February 2013 2615
james.js March 2013 32
Bud April 2013 175
Gulp September 2013 11,264
simplebuild December 2013 8
Brocolli February 2014 1842
Fez February 2014 271
cha February 2014 183
builder2.js April 2014 43

And these are just the ones written in JavaScript.

Projects which haven't had commits in the last couple months are strikethrough.


Hey, you are missing a couple. See .


Thanks @epeli and @bebraw, updated.


Updated: Moved Brunch to January 2011, and updated star counts.


Browserify, Webmake


@Djebbz: They're not build tools, they're dependency management tools. They're used by build tools sometimes, but they don't really fit on the list.

I imagine someone could make a somewhat longer list of dependency management tools for JavaScript, though!


Isn't this rather a list of task runners that may or may not be used to create build pipelines?

Anyway, either assetgraph itself, or assetgraph-builder might belong on that list


Although component is much more than a build tool, I think it or at least its resolver/builder merit inclusion in the list.


add HarpJS


ShellJS can be used as build tool:


This is supposed to be the last build tool we'll ever need:


You're missing the most important and widely used build tool ...


Can you add sigh to the bottom of the table:

| sigh | December 2014 | | 85


awesome & insane!

@chimon2000 is pretty nice. Minimalistic.


Gulp is the best one

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