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ttscoff / sizes.rb
Last active Jul 12, 2021
sizes: Calculate and sort all filesizes for current folder
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Sizes - Calculate and sort all filesizes for current folder Includes
# directory sizes, colorized output Brett Terpstra 2019 WTF License
VERSION = "1.0.1"
require 'shellwords'
# Just including term-ansicolor by @flori and avoiding all the
# rigamarole of requiring multiple files when it's not a gem... - Brett
paulirish /
Last active Sep 17, 2021
How to view-source of a Chrome extension

Option 1: Command-line download extension as zip and extract

extension_id=jifpbeccnghkjeaalbbjmodiffmgedin   # change this ID
curl -L -o "$" "$extension_id%26uc" 
unzip -d "$extension_id-source" "$"

Thx to crxviewer for the magic download URL.

samaaron / Reich Phase - Overtone
Last active Dec 26, 2019
Steve Reich's Piano Phase - Sonic Pi vs Overtone
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(ns overtone.examples.compositions.piano-phase
;; Steve Reich's Piano Phase
(def piece [:E4 :F#4 :B4 :C#5 :D5 :F#4 :E4 :C#5 :B4 :F#4 :D5 :C#5])
(defn player
[t speed notes]
lambdamusic /
Last active Nov 30, 2020 archive statistics
kidpixo /
Last active Aug 26, 2021
Keyboard shortcuts for ipython notebook 3.1.0 / jupyter

Warning This is SEVERELY outdated, the current jupyter version is > 6.X, please refer to your current jupyter notebook installation!

Disclaimer : I just copied those shortcuts from Jupyter Menú > Help > Keyboard Shortcuts, I didn't wrote them myself.

Check your current shortcuts in your Help, shortcuts coule have been modified by extensions or your past self.


Keyboard shortcuts

wikier /
Last active Mar 29, 2018
SPARQLWrapper HTTP Digest Auth example
from SPARQLWrapper import SPARQLWrapper, JSON, DIGEST
sparql = SPARQLWrapper("")
sparql.setCredentials('login', 'password')
natelandau / .bash_profile
Last active Sep 11, 2021
Mac OSX Bash Profile
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# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Description: This file holds all my BASH configurations and aliases
# Sections:
# 1. Environment Configuration
# 2. Make Terminal Better (remapping defaults and adding functionality)
# 3. File and Folder Management
# 4. Searching
# 5. Process Management
eyaler / graph.json
Last active Jun 25, 2021
Force-Directed Graph with Drag/Zoom/Pan/Center/Resize/Labels/Shapes/Filter/Highlight
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"graph": [],
"links": [
{"source": 0, "target": 1},
{"source": 0, "target": 2},
{"source": 0, "target": 3},
{"source": 0, "target": 4},
{"source": 0, "target": 5},
{"source": 0, "target": 6},
{"source": 1, "target": 3},
fperez / ProgrammaticNotebook.ipynb
Last active Sep 2, 2021
Creating an IPython Notebook programatically
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hvtuananh /
Created Feb 5, 2014
Python Unicode CSV Reader/Writer (fix writerow problem in Python docs)
import csv, codecs, cStringIO
class UTF8Recoder:
Iterator that reads an encoded stream and reencodes the input to UTF-8
def __init__(self, f, encoding):
self.reader = codecs.getreader(encoding)(f)