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rometsch /
Last active October 16, 2023 08:16
MPOW BH456A Bluetooth USB Adapter Kernel Module Adjustements (Realtek RTL8761B chip)


The MPOW Bluetooth 5 dongle (Model: BH456A) does not work out of the box on Ubuntu 20.04 (kernel 5.4.0-42).


Patch the bluetooth kernel module and copy the firmware binaries to /lib/firmware.

Copy the fimware

luckylittle /
Last active December 11, 2023 15:09
Red Hat DO425 Notes

Red Hat Security: Securing Containers & OpenShift (DO425)

Last update: Tue Jan 14 23:15:49 UTC 2020 by @luckylittle


  1. Understand, identify, and work with containerization features
  2. Deploy a preconfigured application and identify crucial features such as namespaces, SELinux labels, and cgroups
luckylittle /
Last active May 12, 2024 00:40
Red Hat RH415 Notes

Red Hat Security: Linux in Physical, Virtual and Cloud (RH415)

Last update: Mon Nov 18 05:32:46 UTC 2019 by @luckylittle

1. Managing Security & Risk

luckylittle /
Last active February 6, 2024 13:08
Red Hat RH342 Notes

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Diagnostics & Troubleshooting (RH342)

Last update: Fri Jul 26 08:23:20 UTC 2019 by @luckylittle

1. Troubleshooting principles

2. Generic issues

santiagobasulto /
Last active May 16, 2021 10:13
Download HumbleBundle books in batch with a simple Python script.

Download HumbleBundle books

This is a quick Python script I wrote to download HumbleBundle books in batch. I bought the amazing Machine Learning by O'Reilly bundle. There were 15 books to download, with 3 different file formats per book. So I scratched a quick script to download all of them in batch.

(Final Result: books downloaded)

Neo23x0 / audit.rules
Last active January 13, 2024 14:12
Linux Auditd Best Practice Configuration
# This gist has been transformed into a github repo
# You can find the most recent version there:
# ___ ___ __ __
# / | __ ______/ (_) /_____/ /
# / /| |/ / / / __ / / __/ __ /
# / ___ / /_/ / /_/ / / /_/ /_/ /
# /_/ |_\__,_/\__,_/_/\__/\__,_/
adamkudrna / settings.php
Created January 25, 2017 13:37
Drupal 7 disable cache in settings.php
$conf['cache'] = 0; // Page cache
$conf['page_cache_maximum_age'] = 0; // External cache TTL
$conf['preprocess_css'] = FALSE; // Optimize css
$conf['preprocess_js'] = FALSE; // Optimize javascript
$conf['views_skip_cache'] = TRUE; // Views caching
justjanne / Price
Last active April 11, 2024 22:21 — forked from kylemanna/price.txt
Server Price Breakdown: DigitalOcean, Amazon AWS LightSail, Vultr, Linode, OVH, Hetzner, Scaleway/

Server Price Breakdown: DigitalOcean, Amazon AWS LightSail, Vultr, Linode, OVH, Hetzner, Scaleway/



Provider Type RAM Cores Storage Transfer Network Price
jorritfolmer /
Last active June 8, 2021 20:25
Installing Windows Server 2016 on oVirt qemu/kvm

Installing Windows Server 2016 on Ovirt v4 qemu/kvm

The install fails with BSOD and "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting some error info, and then we'll restart for you."

Windows installer BSOD on qemu/kvm

After reboot it returns with the following message: "The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click OK to restart the computer, and then restart the installation.":

Windows installer restarted unexpectedly on qemu/kvm

fstab /
Last active January 5, 2022 12:31
How to use and as an IRC client

How to use and as an IRC client

How to Join an IRC Channel on

Join the room #freenode_<#channel>, replacing <#channel> with the name of the IRC channel. For example, in order to join the #prometheus IRC channel, join the room on

In, rooms can be joined with the directory symbol on the bottom left.