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Sublime Text 3 - Useful Shortcuts (Windows)

Sublime Text 3 - Useful Shortcuts (Windows)


Shortcut Description
Ctrl+Shift+P command prompt
Ctrl+Alt+P switch project
Ctrl+P go to file
Ctrl+G go to line
Ctrl+R go to methods
Ctrl+Shift+R go to methods in project
Ctrl+KB toggle side bar
Ctrl+` toggle console
Ctrl+Shift+N new window


Shortcut Description
Ctrl+L select line (repeat select next lines)
Ctrl+D select word (repeat select others occurrences in context for multiple editing)
Ctrl+Alt+Up / Ctrl+Alt+Down select column for multiple editing
Ctrl+Shift+M select content into brackets
Ctrl+Shift+Enter insert line before
Ctrl+Enter inter line after
Ctrl+Shift+K delete line
Ctrl+KK delete from cursor to end of line
Ctrl+KBackspace delete from cursor to start of line
Ctrl+Shift+D duplicate line(s)
Ctrl+J join lines
Ctrl+KU upper case
Ctrl+KL lower case
Ctrl+/ comment line
Ctrl+Shift+/ block comment
Ctrl+Y redo or repeat
Ctrl+C copy
Ctrl+V paste
Ctrl+Shift+V paste and ident
Ctrl+Space autocomplete (repeat to select next suggestion)
Ctrl+M jump to matching brackets
Ctrl+U soft undo (movement undo)
Ctrl+Shift+U soft redo (movement redo)

Code navigation

Shortcut Description
F12 go to definition
Alt+- jump back
Alt+Shift+- jump forward


Shortcut Description
Ctrl+Shift+A select content into tag
Alt+. close tag

Find / Replace

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+F find
Ctrl+I incremental find
Ctrl+H replace
F3 find next occurrence of searched word
Ctrl+F3 find next occurrence of current word
Alt+F3 select all occurrences of current word for multiple editing
Ctrl+Shift+F find in files


Shortcut Description
Ctrl+0 focus on sidebar
Esc focus back to edit area when focus on sidebar

Splits / Tabs

Shortcut Description
Alt+Shift+1 single column
Alt+Shift+2 two columns
Alt+Shift+5 grid (4 groups)
Ctrl+[1,2,3...] focus group
Ctrl+Shift+[1,2,3...] move file to group
Alt+[1,2,3...] select tab


Shortcut Description
Ctrl+F2 toggle bookmark
F2 next bookmark
Shift+F2 previous bookmark
Ctrl+Shift+F2 clear bookmarks


Shortcut Description
Ctrl+KSpace set mark
Ctrl+KW delete from cursor to mark
Ctrl+KA select from cursor to mark
Ctrl+KG clear mark


Go to PreferencesKey Bindings - Default to explore all default shortcuts and read instructions for packages you installed to find out about their custom key bindings.

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That helps a lot thanks

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Feedmo commented May 6, 2018

Good job!

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why ctrl k b is not work in sublime 3

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AVN9 commented May 24, 2018

very useful.. Thanks

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thank's for all done

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Halbmond commented Aug 5, 2018


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Thanks :)

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ouweiya commented Sep 20, 2018

I add one: ctrl+k+v to bring up the clipboard.


F9 sort


ctrl+t replace


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Thank you 👍

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Thank you
It's very useful

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How to ctrl+d in reverse, from down to up?

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ghost commented Mar 19, 2019

How to ctrl+d in reverse, from down to up?

When you select one (or a few) line and duplicate that, then you have 2 copies of the line that are next to each other.
You can choose to consider either copy as the "copied" version.

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Thank you, and @ouweiya c thank you too!

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neeyatl commented Jun 20, 2019

Thanks. Very helpful.
Thank you @ouweiya too.

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prolightHub commented Jul 1, 2019

I accidentally pressed SHIFT + ALT + 3 and then I needed to figure out how to fix it, so I came here.

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IS in sublime analog CTRL+ALT+L (like in intellijIDEA to format code )?

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Sublime is just a text editor, not an IDE, like IntelliJ products - so to put simply it doesn't come with code formatting out of the box. But you can install a package that can do that for a specific language. See formatting packages on Package Control.

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amirattribes commented Oct 12, 2019

How I indent my php code and html? In net beans editor i was do it.

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To delete a word backwards Ctrl + Backspace

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I moved back by pressing ctrl + z severally how do I go back to where I was

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guest73 commented Jul 8, 2020

Does anyone know "Go to previous edit location" shortcut?

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mrliptontea commented Jul 8, 2020

@guest73, you're looking for "jump back" in Code navigation

Alt+- (minus) on Linux/Windows, Ctrl+- on OSX

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guest73 commented Jul 9, 2020


@guest73, you're looking for "jump back" in Code navigation

Alt+- (minus) on Linux/Windows, Ctrl+- on OSX

Thanks but no. That's not what I want. It clearly says "EDIT location".
I found an answer anyways. It's Ctrl+, / Ctrl+.. It's more or less what I use in Netbeans' Ctrl+Q - "Go to last edit location".

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Helped me

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I <3 it, thank u so much

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psnwd commented Aug 28, 2020

thank you!

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Thank You!

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Thank you

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