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► System Tools

▷ System Debloating

  • Warning - It's not recommended to use debloaters unless you know what you're doing. Always research first, never just "Apply All" randomly.

▷ System Tweaks

▷ Package Managers

▷ Terminal / CLI

▷ Remote Desktop

▷ Clipboard Managers

▷ Window Managers

▷ Virtual Machines

► Hardware Tools

▷ Hardware Monitors

▷ GPU Tools

▷ Disk Tools

▷ Monitor Tools

▷ Mouse / Keyboard

► Windows ISOs

▷ Windows Activation

▷ Windows Updates

▷ Windows Repair

▷ OS Emulators

► Customization

▷ Themes / Ricing

▷ Wallpapers

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► Video Tools

▷ Video Hosting

▷ Screen Recording

▷ Convert / Encode

▷ Live Streaming

► Video Players

▷ Stream Sync

▷ MPV Tools

▷ VLC Tools

► Media Servers

▷ Plex Tools

▷ Jellyfin Tools

▷ Kodi Tools

► Video Download

► Video Editing

▷ Video Editors

▷ Online Editors

▷ VFX Sites

▷ Animation Tools

▷ Stock Videos

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  • Note - Our Discord has an AI bot with Llama, Mistral, and Stable Diffusion. Feel free to join and try it out.

► AI Chatbots

▷ Online Chatbots

▷ Self-Hosting Tools

▷ Roleplaying Chatbots

▷ ChatGPT Tools

▷ ChatGPT Prompts

► AI Indexes

► Text Generators

► Image Generation

  • Note - Because Stable Diffusion works so well, most innovation in image generation is happening using it as the base model. As such, almost all sections and links are based on SD, unless stated otherwise.

▷ Online Generators

▷ Local Frontends

▷ SD Guides

► Audio Generators

▷ Text to Speech

▷ Voice Change / Clone

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► File Tools

▷ Download Managers

▷ File Archivers

▷ File Converters

▷ File Explorers

▷ File Searching

▷ File Encryption

▷ File Backup / Sync

▷ File Recovery

▷ Formatting / Deletion

▷ Data Automation

▷ PDF Tools

► File Hosts

Note - Size is per file and time is after the last time someone downloaded that file unless specified.

▷ P2P File Transfer

▷ Cloud Storage

  • Note - Monthly prices are based on annual plans. 2TB prices are halved for comparison if a 1TB plan doesn't exist for a service.

▷ GDrive Tools

▷ Mega Tools

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Anonymous comments, taken from reddit, discord, twitter, and our feedback system. This is why we do it. People are the motivation, equality is the goal.

  • "Before finding this, I've been searching google myself and have experienced viruses, fake info, and just bad advice. But the amazing guides and links on FMHY really make it so much safer and simpler to find the things I need. I'm sort of the tech person in my family, so it saves me from so much testing and work."

  • "Your sources have allowed me to give my father whatever shows or movies he asks for. Old stuff from when he was younger and all that. Stuff I wouldn't be able to access otherwise. It means a lot since he had heart surgery in Feb 2020 and cant really do much anymore, so its one of the few ways he can keep himself busy. Thank you."

  • "That's why I love FMHY so much. Before id spend hours and hours every day trying to hunt useful websites for myself."

  • "I love this website so much. I literally have it labelled as "Everything" in my favorites."

  • "No bullshit, and has all the info I need to gain free access to media."

  • "Y'all have helped not only me but my friends through college and the pandemic in ways you all probably don't even realize."

  • "thank you so much for this effort, guys, you are amazing, I stopped searching on google for stuff and got addicted to your website, keep going :)"

  • "Literally, when I need something, all I need to do is check here first! thank you for being here, for being access to everyone and anyone, I really really appreciate it!"

  • "I want to express my sincere appreciation for the wiki of useful resources. It has proven to be an invaluable source of information, providing a wide range of knowledge on various topics. The well-organized and comprehensive nature of the wiki has been instrumental in aiding my research and learning. I am truly grateful for the effort and dedication that has gone into curating and maintaining such a valuable repository of knowledge. Thank you for this exceptional resource."

  • "Amazing stuff. Spent almost whole day browsing this and I got introduced to tons of great software. Thank you!!"

  • "I love FMHY's wiki, to the point I can't use the internet without it."

  • "This wiki is one of the best out there, seriously. Keep up the great work!"

  • "I love having an extreme amount of privacy. And it's not just for piracy, so this is REALLY useful. Thanks!"

  • "Every person I share this sub with is always completely grateful, and it's no wonder why."

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► Adblocking

Note - Don't run multiple general adblockers like ublock and adblock plus at the same time. Running more than one can cause breakage. This only applies to general adblockers, so running things like ublock and sponsorblock at the same time is fine.

▷ Redirect Bypass

▷ DNS Adblocking

  • Note - If your goal is to block browser ads, it's best to just stick with uBlock Origin, as additional filters can cause conflicts or antiadblock.

► Antivirus

► Privacy

▷ Privacy Indexes

► Web Privacy

▷ Browser Privacy

▷ Fingerprinting / Tracking

▷ Privacy Extensions

▷ Frontends

▷ Search Engines

▷ Two-Factor Authentication

▷ Encode / Decode


  • Note - For torrenting, it's recommended to use a paid rather than free VPN. Free VPNs are only really useful for things like viewing sites blocked by your ISP / country.

▷ VPN Tools

► Proxy

▷ Proxy Apps

▷ Proxy Sites

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► Streaming Sites

▷ Multi Server

▷ Single Server

▷ Video Hosts

Note - These are good for finding classic, obscure and short films

▷ Specialty Streaming

► TV Streaming

▷ Anime Streaming

▷ Cartoon Streaming

▷ Drama Streaming

▷ Sports Streaming

▷ Live TV / Sports

▷ Smart TV / Firestick

► Download Sites

Note - Use redirect bypassers to skip link shorteners

▷ Drives / Directories

▷ Anime Downloading

Note - Use redirect bypassers to skip link shorteners

► Torrent Apps

Note - Remember to get a VPN before torrenting

► Torrent Sites

▷ Anime Torrenting

► Tracking / Discovery

► Subtitles

► Helpful Sites / Tools

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► Download Directories

Note - Some Open Directories grab IP's, so use a VPN or Tor when accessing them.

► Download Sites

Note - General DDL sites use a lot of different sources, so it's best to avoid them for anything you install, like software, games or APKs. You can also use redirect bypassers to skip link shorteners.

▷ Search Sites

Note - These aggregate from multiple sources, so it's best to avoid them for software / games.

► Software Sites

Note - Remember to always scan software before installing with tools like VirusTotal or use it in Sandboxie.

▷ Freeware Sites

► File Sharing Apps

▷ IRC Tools

► Usenet

▷ Indexers

▷ Providers

▷ Downloaders

► Leeches / Debrid

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3D Modeling Apps / Discord, Spline, Anim8or, Wings 3D, JustSketchMe, Tinkercad, ChokokuCAD, POV-Ray, FreeCAD, picoCAD, Vectary, LibreCAD, Art of Illusion, BRL-CAD, Posturize, Morflax, Polycam

3D Models, Sketchfab, GrabCAD, 3DCU, 3DLOAD, CGdownloads, Pack 3d models, 3DLOAD, cgtrader, Free3D, VRModels, CadNav, Blender 3D Models, Render-State, Open3dModel, KiCad, Archive3D, TopGFX, 3DExport, 3DMili Free Shop, ArchibasePlanet, Cults, 3dsky, TurboSquid, 3D Warehouse, BlenderKit, 3DMili,, RIGModels, Printables, Thangs, Pinshape, NASA 3D Resources, CG World, Blender Add-on, 3D Find It, free3dbase, open3dlab, 3dpirate, blendswap, PolyHaven

Alternative Search Engines

Bing, Lycos, WebCrawler, Million Short, Andi, Excite, Metacrawler, entireweb, ChatNoir, Exalead, Carrot2, 4Search,, Yahoo, FrogFind!, Visymo Search, AOL, All in One, All the Internet,, BizNar, WorldWideScience, ZincSearch, Whoogle Search, infospace, 2lingual

Alternative Software / App Sites

Ethical, Slant, SaaSHub,,, Top Best Alternatives,, Open Source Alternative To,, ListAlternative, Free Competitors, AppMus

Android Audio Players

VLC for Android, mpv-android, Foobar2000, Vanilla Music, BlackHole, Metro, Retro Music Player, Auxio, Apollo Music Player, Music Player GO, Nyx Music Player, ExoPlayer, SoundSpice, mucke, Phonograph Plus, Musicmax, Tear Music, Pulse Music, Zen Music Player, Little Music Player, SimpleMP-Compose, BladePlayer

Android Browsers

Iceraven Browser, Kiwi Browser, Stargon Browser, Berry Browser, Ecosia, AlohaBrowser, Via Browser, Float Browser, Fulguris

Privacy Based

Android Note Apps

Markor, sNotz, Bundled Notes, ColorNote, Notion, Joplin, Standard Notes, Notebook, UpNote, OneNote, Leaflet, neutriNote, Writer Plus, Orgzly, Justnote, Note to Self, Noto, Nabu, Obsidian, Saber, Quillpad, Spooky, Moe Memos, Ara Note, Notally, Omni Notes, Walling, Orion, memos, 920 Text Editor

To-Do Apps

Android Video Players

VLC, mpv-android, Nova Video Player, Fermata Media Player, ExoPlayer, Aos AVP, SPlayer, Next Player, M3UAndroid

Awesome Lists

Track Awesome, GitHub Awesome, Awesome Awesomeness, Generated Awesomeness, Awesome

Awesome List Tools

Search / Stumble / CLI / Markdown Extractor

Browser eBook Readers

Online Cloud File Viewer, Ebook Reader for web, Readwok, ePub Reader Online, Ebook Reader, epub.js

Browser Startpages

8bitdash, 8 Bit Dashboard, Startpage Emporium, Awesome Startpage, StartTree, New Tab Addons, Clippingmini, Draggo, Atavi, Homepage Ninja, Bookmarkee, Pearltrees, Lasso, Nextcloud, Cling, Symbaloo, Tixio, Bento,, nightly, Protopage, tilde, Homepage, Fluidity, AllMyFaves

Customizable New Tab Page

Minimal Startpage, nightTab, hexagonTab, CaretTab, mesmerized, Bonjourr, Perfect Home, Yet Another Speed Dial, Tabliss, Epiboard, Infinity New Tab, b2ntp, Terminal-style new tab page


Zoho Calendar, Tweek, TinyMonth, TOAST UI Calendar, Gantt, Morgen

World Event Calendars

Office Holidays, Forekast

Calibre Libraries,,

Calibre Tools

ACSM Plugin / Libre Plugin / Scraper

CLI Cheat Sheets

awesome-for-oneliner, You Don't Need GUI, Helmanual, CommandlineFU, how2, Bash Academy, ss64 Bash, Bash Oneliner

Coding Tutorials

RIP Tutorial, Programiz, Python Tutor, calmcode, Tuts 4 You, Codelabs, Free Ebook Foundation's Interactive Programming Tutorials, Nayuki, ZetCode, Xah Code,, Guru99, Use My Notes, Ultimate Programming All-in-One Tutorials, FreeCourseSite, Project Based Learning, Javatpoint, Techno Smarter, tutorialkart

Collaboration Platforms

Doozy, Zulip, LucidSpark, Miro, Mattermost, Twake, Asana, Freedcamp, Lumeer, Slab, Focalboard, WeKan, Kanboard, Mural, Dendron, Lucidchart, Trello, Planka, Taskcafe, Room, Atlassian, linear

Copy Google Drives

GdriveCloneWeb, Google Drive Copy Folder, Telegram-CloneBot, Copy Folder, gdrive-clone, Google Drive Clone Bot

Command Line Shells

fish, Elvish, Es, Ion, Xonsh, Nushell, oh-my-fish

Covers / Posters

The Poster Database, Cover Century, covrik, DVD Covers, Cover Addict VIP, Gaming Alexandria, The Poster Collector, Movie Posters Gallery, Film on Paper, GameTDB, JoBlo, /r/MoviePosterPorn, IMP Awards, Fanart

Album Art

Album Art Downloader, kunst, Apple-Music-Animated-Artwork-Fetcher

Data Visualization Tools

Data GIF Maker, Flourish, Datawrapper, chartd, Chart.xkcd, QuickChart, Percival, amCharts, ACME Chartmaker, ParaView, Draw / GitHub, Dia, RawGraphs, yEd Live, Mermaid, LineGraphMaker, SwimLanes, Quiver, Gephi, Graphviz / Editor, graphonline, Diagramify, Charts Builder, diagramgpt

Design Resources

GFXPVFREE, design-resources-for-developers, Freebies.ByPeople, IM Creator, Design Bundles, Design Resources,, GraphicBurger, GraphicsFuel, Pixeden, Sketch Repo, Interfacer, Freebiesbug, Sketch App Sources, FreebiesUI, Envato Elements Collection, Creative Fabrica,, Evernote.Design, GFXTRA, XSGames,, UI STORE DESIGN, Charco, Craftwork, Pixelbuddha, squax, 𝖌𝖗𝖕𝖍𝖈 𝖉𝖘𝖌𝖓 𝖇𝖆𝖈𝖐𝖚𝖕, all 4 designer, Kropes Leaking Server, Gift4Designer, GFXMountain, Buckets Of Bookmarks, degreeless

DNS Filters

hBlock, someonewhocares, MVPS HOSTS, Hosts File Aggregator, Spamhaus, dns-blocklists, d3ward, Anudeep's Blacklist, Lightswitch05, black-mirror, Scam Blocklist, hBlock, Additional Undesired Hosts, neodevhost, Piperun's IP-Logger Filter, GoodbyeAds, mullvad blocklists, The Block List Project

Domain Info Tools

WhoisRequest, Rankchart, Harpoon, MXToolBox, Whois Lookup, IPIP.NET, WebStatsDomain, AtSameIP, DNSlytics, DNSTwister, AnalyzeID, LinkScope

DOS Games

DOS Games Archive, DOSBox, DOS HAVEN, The Software Library, Best Old Games, DOSGames, PlayDOSGames, RGB Classic Games, Abandonware DOS, Online DOS games, Classic Games

Down Site Checkers

Is The Service Down?,, Downdetector, websitedown, UpDown Radar, lychee, Dead Link Checker, Online Broken Link Checker, Dr. Link Check, HTTPStatus

Email Aliasing

Forward Email, Firefox Relay, Burner Mail,, Mailsac, altmails,, YOPmail, Mailgw,, 33mail

Email Clients

ElectronMail, Claws Mail, eM Client, RainLoop, Roundcube, Spike, Canary, Twobird, Kanmail, Wino

Encrypted Android Messengers

Status, Confide, ChatSecure, Snikket, RetroShare, BiP, Olvid, Berty, OpenKeychain, Dust, NewNode, Kontalk, Wire

Video / Text

Jami, Syphon, Mesibo, SmallTalk, Element / 2

Encrypted Messengers

Bitmessage, Speek, Retroshare, Off-the-Record Messaging, Session, Demonsaw, Enigma, Mirage, Keybase, Cwtch, BiP, SimpleX, emberclear, Commune, Mesh, CoyIM, RicochetRefresh

Matrix Home Servers

Conduit, Public Matrix Homeservers, Public Matrix Homeservers Archive, Public Servers

Encrypted XMPP Servers

Server List, Hot Chilli, /, dismail, blah,

Fun Indexes, AIDN, Neave / 2, BoredHumans, puissant, ThisIsMyWebsiteNow, Mr.doob, Bimble Space, Creative Tech Guy, Just For Fun, Andrew Marsh, JenniferDewalt, Chrome Experiments, 0x2a, yezi, topster, p5aholic,, WilliamHoza, Rinkworks, Orteil, funwebsite

Free DNS Servers

Free VPN Configs

Free Webhosting Sites

profreehost, 000webhost, infinityfree, openshift, vercel, cloudaccess, Gitlab Pages, glitch,, coolify, wix,, webs, weebly, yola, WordPress / 2, jimdo, awardspace, pythonanywhere, droppages, Zeronet, Zeronet 2, ibm cloud, hubzilla, site123, hostbreak, tilda, BitBucket, render, Fleek, stormkit, freehosting, freewebhostingarea, freenom, milkshake, ikoula, fanspace, dotera, fc2, w3schools, freehostia, olitt, uhostfull, x10hosting, lenyxo, yunohost, 1freehosting,, ultifreehosting, aeonfree, bravenet, atspace, aava, netlib

FMovies Clones

Game Engines

2D / 3D Engines

Unity / Cheat Sheet / Patcher, Defold, Bevy Engine, / Extensions, ursina engine, stride3d / GitHub, cocos / GitHub, microStudio

2D Engines

Torque2D / Discord, starling / GitHub, HaxeFlixel, GB Studio / GitHub / Reddit / Discord, Flame, GameMaker / Online, Arcade Game Designer / 2 Pixelbox, LIKO-12 / GitHub, PQ93, GDevelop / 2, Bitsy, Script 8, Tic80, Byond, LÖVE, Scratch

3D Engines

Cave Engine, OpenXRay / Discord, cryengine / Discord, armory3d / GitHub, torque3d / GitHub / Discord, Panda3D

GDrive File Sharing

Git Projects

git:logs, Awesome Made by Brazilians, awesome-opensource-apps, opensauced, LibHunt, bestofjs

Google Piracy Discussion Groups

Image Download Extensions

Download all Images, Cute Save Button, DownAlbum, Save Images, svgexport, svg-grabber, SVG Gobbler, Image Picka

IPTV Tools

Forum / Players / Manager / Playlists / Search / m3u to txt / M3U Editor / M3U Downloader / Dummy EPG / CLI

Language Learning Networks

InterPals, Tandem, Conversation Exchange, RhinoSpike, Conversly, Lang-8

LibGen Mirrors

LibGen Tools

Desktop / Mobile, 2 / Search Extension / Need Seeds / Telegram Bot / Convert to Text / Backup / /r/libgen

Linux Themes

Gnome-Look, Themix, Arc, Numix, Flatablous Arc, Material Ocean, Ant, xfce-look, UnixPorn

Live Webcams

EarthCam, Explore, Opentopia, WebcamGalore, WebcamTaxi, WorldCams, WorldCam, BalticLiveCam, SkylineWebcams, CamStreaner, /r/controllablewebcams / Discord, PicTimo, WXYZWebcams snoweye, camscape, whatsupcams, worldcam, webcamhopper,, Windy Webcams, Insecam, Airport Webcams (Airports), TFLJamCams, seattlesouthside, portugal-live, livecamcroatia, myrtlebeach, sootoday, interlochen, whitehouse cam, yellowstone cam, carowinds, zellamsee, wpri, hdontap, floridakeyswebcams, earthtv, geocam, livefromiceland, world-cam, mangolinkworld, mylivestreams, spain-grancanaria, visitlondon, ctsfl, aruba, fogcam, bigrigtravels, lochness, abbeyroad, camsecure, ISS

Animal Cams

Monterey Bay Aquarium, Curlie Webcam Animals, San Diego Zoo,, AnimalsLife, Africam, NationalZoo, BirdCams, CritterYard, AquariumOfPacific

M3U Players

PlaylistEditorTV, ustvgo-iptv, LivePush, SFVipPlayer

M4UFree Clones

M4uFree, Streamm4u / 2,, m4uhd / 2, m4umv

Magic / Esoteric Telegram Ebooks

Manga Downloaders

Comics Downloader, Comic-DL, work_crawler, MangaBot, Manga Downloader, HDoujinDownloader, FMD2, mangadesk, manga2mobi, Akianonymus, mangodl, anime-dl, manga-py, mangal

Manga Readers

AllMangasReader, Houdoku, Adolla, OpenComic, Tachidesk-Sorayomi, Manga-Organizer, MangaOnlineViewer, LANraragi, Mangayomi, Fukayo


HappyPanda X, Tenma, KavitaReader, Komikku, Tanoshi, Komga / GitHub / Discord, atsumeru

Mind Mapping

MindMup, FreeMind, Kinopio, Mindomo, Yuque, MindMapp,, Domino, GitMind, xTiles, Capacities, bubbl, Heimer, Cubox, vym

Collaborative Mind Mapping

Coggle, CardSmith, Memrey, MindMeister, Slatebox

Minecraft Mods

Planet Minecraft, MC Archive, Alternatives, ModBay

Minecraft Optimization Mods

OptiFine, Phosphor, Ferrite Core, Caffeine, Lithium, Ares, MinecraftTweaker, VulkanMod

Minecraft Servers

MineFort, Minehut, Aternos, Cuberite, Free-Minecraft-Hosts, Pufferfish, Paper, oracle-cloud

Modded Minecraft Launchers

PollyMC, UltimMC, MultiMC, Badlion, Legacy Launcher 2, HMCL, TechnicPack, LabyMod, Crystal Launcher, Feather Client / Discord, GDLauncher, X Minecraft Launcher, Salwyrr Launcher

Multi-Console Browser Emulators

WebRCade, RetroGames,, ClassicReload, Retro Games Bot, Vizzed, Free80sArcade, Retro Uprising, Retro Games, Play Classic Games, ClassicGames, Emulator.Games, GamulatoR, AfterPlay, Aurora., Online.OldGames, Retro Games Online, PlayEmulator, 2, Emulator Games Online, Virtual Consoles, OldGameShelf, Emulator Online, PlayRetroGames, MyEmulator, NESNinja, Retro Games Free, PlayRetroGames, Piepacker, Tiny8bit, ClassicGame, ClassicGamesArcade, Radyolojinet, WePlayOld, RetroGames

Multi Image Tool Sites

WebOasis Editors, Hotot, RedKetchup, VertexShare, ImageConvert, MyPhotoFilter, Img2Go, BrandFolder, fffuel, ImgLarger, Convertmyimage, Mara, StitchTool / GitHub, Bloggif, BatchWatermark, FastStone, ConvertImage, PicWish, onlinejpgtools, OnlinePNGTools, imageamigo, AI Lab, clipdrop, photoaid, ImageTool


Piracy / 2 / 3 / 4, Random / 2, Streaming, Cord Free TV, Piracy Leaks, News, Tech, Left / 2, Mysteries, Aliens, Paranormal, Metaphysics, Minimalism, Countries / 2, International AskARedditor, Text Only, Chess, Engineering

Multi Dev Tool Sites

Free-for-students, DevToys,, WebdevHome, Eclipse Foundation, DevBox, Free Developer Stuff, Tiny Tools, Clean CSS, Dev Resources,, Utilities and Tools Online, Free Online Tools for Everyone, Online String Tools, Coders Tool, Prototypr, AppDevTools, IT Tools, Addy, Omatsuri

Multi Tool Sites

PineTools, 123Apps, iTools, Framasoft, Browserling Tools, Dan's Tools, WebBrowserTools, ManyTools, Comment Picker, OSINT Combine, MxToolbox, Rumkin, Sumo, Melobytes, UnitPedia, prepostseo, Digital Methods, Flippity, AppsCyborg, JNCK Media, BlackHost, BfoTool, SeoMagnifier, Prepostseo, FreeToolOnline,, JMMG Tools,, tinywow, Self Publishing Titans, Inettools, TuckTools, Ian Coleman,, URL Decode, ChatONS, FreeToolOnline, goonlinetools, garyshood, RandomTools, Toptal, piliapp, KodyTools, aruljohn, Argyle, WDZSoftware, Toolki, aionlinetools, Trom,, onlinetools, Damn Good Tools

MSX Games

MSXGamesWorld, MSX Resource Center, Generation MSX, File Hunter, download.file-hunter, MSXAbandonware

Open Directory Search String Builder

strixx, lendx, eyeofjustice, lumpysoft, opendirsearch, Ewasion, doyouneedmorehdd, Reecemercer, odfinder, thuvien

Open Source Intelligence Indexes

OSINT All, OSINT Essentials, OSINT Collection, OSINT Sources, Investigator Tools, geoint, OSINT Tools, Nixintel's OSINT, UK-OSINT, OSINTGeek, Awesome-Telegram-OSINT, Hackers Arise OSINT, osinttechniques, whatisosint, osintdojo, 300m, einvestigator, researchclinic, toddington, reuser, booleanstrings, coreysdigs, Bellingcat, cProject Owl, RedTeam-Resources, Awesome Forensics Tools, OSINT Collection, cipher387, osint4all, OSINT Tools, osint, asint_collection, dig intel, inteltechniques, Social Media, midasearch, osint-resources, Malfrat's Industries Map, OSHINT, osint_stuff_tool_collection

Password Data Breach Check

HaveIBeenPwned PW

Intelligence X, psbdmp, Dehashed, Spycloud, PasswordSearchBot, ScatteredSecrets

Periodic Tables

The Periodic Table Of Elements, Periodic Table, Images-Of-Elements, Graph Overflow, 3D Periodic Table, PeriodicTableApp, Periodic Table, WebElements, Elements Database

Piracy Site Proxies

Knaben's Proxy List, unblockninja, uProxy, unblocktorrent, / 2 / 3 / 4, piracyproxy, unblocksource, dirproxy, ProxyNinja, ninjaproxy1, ABCProxy, immortalproxy

Poll Sites

PollCode, YoPolls,, minipoll, PickVote, StrawPoll, framadate, mobpoll, polltab, voteupapp, polling-app, starvoting,,, matepoll, typeform, happygrumpy

Live Polling

slido, Feedbackr, Trypingo

Presentation Tools

ZoomIt, Presentator, Fusuma, Pitch, Zoho Show, Webslides, FreeShow, Presenta, OpenLearning, Slideshare

Presentation Templates

SlidesGo, Showeet, Slides Carnival, SlideShare Downloader, PresentationGO,, ThePOPP

Proxy Lists


Free-Proxy-List, Proxy-Daily, Cool-Proxy, Proxy4Parsing / Telegram, OpenProxyList, ProxyScrape, proxy-list, proxy list, FreeProxyLists, ProxyNations,, cyber-gateway, ree-proxy-list, geonode, web-proxylist, freeproxyupdate, proxypedia, proxydocker, proxyhub, proxy-list, free-proxy-list, proxydb, premiumproxy, proxyservers,, monosans list, jetkai list, megaproxylist, freeproxy

qBitorrent Tools


Wisdom of Chopra, SearchQuotes, Stoic Quotes, QuotationsPage, BrainyQuote, AZQuotes, QuoteGarden, Quote Collections

Radio Streaming Sites

Live Radio

iHeartRadio, OnlineRadioBox, LiveOnlineRadio, WebSDR, System Bus Radio, myTuner, Radio Browser, Zeno, TuneYou, Tvradiotuner,, Radiodeck, VRadio, WorldRadioMap, Streema, vTuner,, TheOneStopRadio, Radio Guide, Xiph

Internet Radio

Turntable, CoreRadio, RadioParadise, IndieSHuffle, You42, Jango, RadioTunes, Live365, AccuraRadio, Radio.dubbeh, Tilderadio, AnonRadio, UpBeat / Discord,, SomaFM, ShoutCast, Internet-Radio, Radiolise, JetSetRadio,, radio.uwu

Random Generators

Cool Generator, The One Generator, Random-Ize, RANDOM, BestRandoms, Randommer, GeneratorFun, Springhole, Wiizard Generator, randomix, NumberGenerator, Random Lists, Random User Generator

Random Image Sites, Pretty Flix, Cameron.Red, Funnyjunk, f0ck, ImgFlip, 9Gag, Thread-Puller, IWasteSoMuchTime, iFunny, KongouCheats, RandomWaffle,, Heahy

Random Sites

BoredButton, Sharkle!, The Useless Web / 2, JumpStick, OpenBulkURL, The Forest, WhatsMYIP, Random-Website, Wilderness Land, CloudHiker, Moonjump

Read Paywalled Articles

Burles, Paywall Bypass Index, bypass-paywalls, pocket,, Hover Paywalls, medium-unlocker, OpenAccessButton, RemovePaywalls, PaywallBypasser, Freedium,,, Readium

Remove Vocals

MDX23, VocalRemover / GUI / 2, PhonicMind, Ultimate Vocal Remover, x-minus, online-vocal-remover, Remove Vocals, vocali, voxremover, mazmazika, demixor, karaoke-maker, Ilaria_UVR

Reverse Image Search

Duplichecker, Image Raider, ascii2d, iqdb, Reverse Image Analyser, SauceNao / Extension, Yandex Images, VISE, SmartImage, berify, Reverse Image Search, RevEye, immerse, ReverseImageSearch, MaxURL, Labnol, Photo Sherlock

Royalty Free Music

Free Music Archive, freesoundtrackmusic, joshwoodward, wowsound, epidemicsound, Pixabay Music, audiomicro, Starfrosch,, Mubert, ccHound, MusicScreen, FilmMusic, Fugue, EDMRF, chosic, Anttis Instrumentals / Torrent, Sampld, BLueFoxMusic, ScottBuckley, Creative Commons Jazz

Satellite & Street View Maps

Yandex, Google,, Bing, Wego.Here, Terrafly, EarthExplorer, EarthData, PortalDeMapas, Qwant, city2map, MapQuest, InstantStreetView, ShowMyStreet

Scan Files

Any.Run, Triage, Malware Initial Assessment, Intezer Analyze, Cuckoo, VirSCAN, Joe Sandbox, MetaDefender, Fortiguard, Jotti, Virus Desk, Antiscan, MalShare, Cuckoo

Scene Release Trackers

Send Anonymous Emails

secure-email, 5ymail, anonymousemail, anonymouse, sendanonymousemail, send-email, gilc, Remailer, MixMaster, mailfreeonline

SFlix Clones

Sheet Music Sites

IMSLP, awesome-sheet-music, /r/sheetmusic, 8notes, mutopiaproject, Sheet-Music, sheetmusiceden, musopen, Sheet Music International, 1230james, CosandScores, Free Scores, torbybrand, SheetMusicForFree, bateristaspt, tchunes, Notes Box, urresearch, sscm-wlscm, escholarship, dlib, diamm, themorgan, unc, ucla, brown, mozarteum, sfsma, digital.library, chopin, Piano Sheet Music Drive / 2, Anime Sheet Music Drive, sniff, cpdl, Ichigos, free-scores, bandmusicpdf, publicdomainsherpa

Similar Site Indexes

Similar Sites, SimilarWeb, xRanks, similarsitesearch, TopSimilarSites,,, SitesLike

Site Legitimacy Check

ThreatStop,, Scamadviser, IsLegitSite, scanurl, Google Safe Browsing

SMS Verification Sites

2ndline, TextNow, SMS Receive Free, SMS Online, GetFreeSMSNUmber, SMS Receive, Receive SMS Online, receivesmsonline, SMS Get, 1s2u, My Trash Mobile, GlobFone, freesmsverification, countrycode, temp-sms, temporary-phone-number, spoofbox, receive-sms-online, smsfinders, mfreesms, yunjisms, smscodeonline, mianfeijiema, jiemahao, storytrain, Temp Number, sms24, receive-smss, freesmscenter, receive-sms, spytm, receive-sms-free, sms-activation-service, burnerapp, tempsmss, quackr, freephonenum, smsnator, InboxSMS, anonymsms, onlinesim, ReceiveaSMS, Receive SMS Online Free, smspool, sms-activate

No CC Required Trial Sites

burstsms, directsms, vumber

Steam Workshop Downloaders




OffGridDownload, ExploreMarMaris, /r/PrepperFileShare, The Preparedness Encyclopedia

Switch ROMs

Tab Managers

OneTab, Tab Center Reborn, Simple Tab Groups, Acid Tabs, Tab Stash, Tab Butler, One Tab Group, TreeStyleTabs

Temp Email Sites

10 Minute Mail, tmail, Temp Mail, maildrop, mailinator, mailnesia, anonbox,, kuku, Email on Deck, Mohmal, temporarymail, FakeMailGenerator, emailfake, tempmailo, 10minutesemail, tempm, tempail, eyepaste, mintemail, sharklasers, yopmail,, dropmail, cryptogmail, inboxkitten, anonymmail, tmailweb, one-off, another-temp-mail, tempr, fakemail, tempmail, email-generator, moakt, linshi-email, haribu, disposablemail, trashmail, fakermail, 10minutesmail, mailtemp, temporary-email,, mail-temp, easytrashmail, 1secmail, fex, email-fake, luxusmail, tempmail, spambox, tempmails, receivemail, rainmail, tempemail, burner, tempmail.altmails, instant-email,, temp-inbox, tempmaili, minuteinbox, emailtemp,, tempmailid, emaildrop, 10minutemail, temprmail, 10minemail,,, tempinbox, yopmail, tmailor, temp-mailbox, bottlemail, internxt,, gettempemail, dispostable, 10minutemail,

Telegram Temp Mail Bots

Trashmail, TrashEmail, smtpbot

Temp Mail Extensions

Bloody Vikings!

Telegram Anime Downloads

Telegram eBook Download

Text Adventures

iFiction (Index), IFDB (Index), Ifarchive (drive), Pac-Txt, AI Dungeon, A Dark Room, The Never Ending Quest, The Text Adventure, Seedship, TextAventures, Crank, Umbra, Web Adventures, WrittenRealms, MUDII, doublespeak, Genesis, Fateful Quest, Level 13

Torrent to GDrive

Note - Use throwaway accounts with these


QBit to Gdrive / GitHub / How-To, Torrent_To_Google_Drive_Downloader, MiXLab / Use Throwaways

Telegram Bots

uBlock Filters

FilterStalker,, webannoyances, NoADS_RU, Anifiltrs

Udemy Coupons

discudemy, bestcouponhunter, BARONIP COUPONS, freebiesglobal, onlinecourses, cursosdev, 100offdeal

URL Unshorteners

ExpandURL,, WhereGoes, urlxray, unshorten

Waifu2x Tools

Guide / Colab / GUI, 2, 3 / WebUI, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Website Creators

vitepress, retype, codeberg, GoHugo, SouPalt, Barly, Zola, Jamstack Generators, Jekyll, Tails, vveb, Potion, 8b, WebFlow, EasyLogic, Universe,, GrapeDrop, Specctr, Astro, TypeDream, Processwire, Google Sites, AngelFire

Simple Site Creators

Straw.Page, Own Free Website, itty.bitty, mmm, cargo, Talium, Jigsy, Temper, Neocities, Mobirise, Silex, Publii, Eleventy

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Bootstrap, TheMeWagon, nicepage, Templatemo, Tooplate, CSS Bed, Repth Themes, beercss / GitHub, free-css-templates, zerotheme, html5up, templated, html5xcss3

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gpldl, wplocker, Weadown, crackthemes, Mega Drive, babiato, newtemplate, justfreewpthemes, themesplugins, wpthemesandplugins

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Untrusted Sites / Software

Game Sites

Note - Scene groups do not have their own sites, so it's best to avoid anything claiming to represent one.

  • IGG / LoadGames - Caught with malware / 2 / 3, doxxed member, added DRM to games
  • OceanOfGames - Caught with malware multiple times
  • CrackingPatching - Caught with malware
  • xGIROx - Caught with malware
  • BBRepacks - Caught with malware
  • Seyter / Qoob - Caught with malware, tried to switch names
  • cracked-games - Caught with malware
  • Wifi4Games - Caught with malware
  • GameFabrique - IGG uploads + adware installers
  • SteamUnlocked - IGG uploads + very slow file host
  • Untrusted Uploaders
  • Fake FitGirl Sites

Software / App Sites

Note - YouTube videos claiming to give away free software are nearly always scams.

  • GetIntoPC / GetIntoMAC - Caught with malware multiple times
  • SadeemPC / SadeemAPK - Caught with malware multiple times
  • KaranPC - Caught with malware multiple times
  • AliTPB / AliPak / b4tman - Caught with malware multiple times
  • FileCR - Caught with malware multiple times
  • FTUApps - Caught with malware
  • S0ft4PC / Portable4PC - Caught with malware
  • CracksHash - Caught with malware
  • haxNode - Caught with malware
  • IGI30 - Caught with malware
  • MainRepo / MRepo - Caught with malware / Note that Magisk Module MRepo is unrelated
  • YASDL - Uploaded versions of stardock / jetbrains with malware
  • AllPCWorld - Uploaded KMS Matrix which is known malware
  • RSLOAD - Uploaded the same version of malwarebytes that got FileCR in trouble
  • AppValley / TutuBox / Ignition - History of ddos attacks
  • CNET / / ZDNET - History of adware

Torrent Sites / Clients

Note - Torrent aggregators pull results from multiple sites, so it's recommended to avoid using them for software and games.

  • Kickass Torrents - Official site is long gone, all that remain are sketchy copycats
  • VSTorrent - Caught with malware
  • uTorrent - Considered adware, pre-adware versions exist, but it's best to use open source clients
  • BitTorrent / BitComet - Adware
  • Frostwire - Adware
  • BitLord - Adware
  • Fake 1337x Sites

Software / Apps

  • Limewire - Dead for years, anything claiming to be them now should be avoided
  • Downloadly (video downloader) - Crypto miner
  • Opera (browser) - Poor privacy practices / 2 / Predatory Loan Apps
  • McAfee - Preinstalled Bloatware
  • Avast - Known for selling user data
  • AVG - Owned by Avast
  • Gen Digital / Norton - Owned by Avast
  • Avira - Owned by Gen Digital
  • CCleaner - Owned by Avast, best to use built-in win 11 tool or bleachbit
  • Private Internet Access / ExpressVPN / ZenMate / CyberGhost - Owned by malware distributor Kape
  • Acord (discord mod) - Has remote eval backdoor backdoor
  • BlueKik / Bluecord (chat mods) - History of spam / spying
  • Kik (messaging app) - App used by mostly predators / scammers
  • TLauncher (minecraft launcher) - Shady business practices / Note that TLauncher Legacy is unrelated
  • PolyMC (minecraft launcher) - Owner kicked all members from repo / discord. Keep in mind PollyMC (two L's) is safe.
  • GShade (ReShade mod) - Dev added code that can trigger unwanted reboots
  • TotalAV / PC Protect / Protected - Antivirus Software Scam / 2 / 3