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-> Beginners Guide to Piracy <-

Table of Contents [TOC2]


How do I tell if a site or download is safe? Any tips? Check out Booty Guard our basic safety guide. Still feel unsure? Reach out to us via Divolt & make sure you've looked at sites/software we've listed as unsafe: here

I don't know what seeding means or insert other term... You will find almost all terms related to piracy & more on The Piracy Glossary Didn't find it and still confused? Reach out to us via Divolt.

How do I download Photoshop/Adobe Products for free? You can download pre-cracked Adobe products from M0nkrus | How to download from M0nkrus or Patch it yourself following these guides here & for MacOS go here !!!info M0nkrus is a well trusted and reputable source for adobe software in the piracy community.

How do I download windows / activate windows & Office? For Windows check out this section For Office check these guides

Where do I find insert game title / movie title? For movies check out this and for new movies it's a good idea to keep an eye on r/movieleaks. For sites to stream from check out this section. !!!info Pirated releases generally happen after a movie is digitally released or released via Blu-Ray / DVD, which can take 3 months+ after initially playing in theaters.

For games use Rezi or any site listed here and for newly released games check r/crackwatch. !!!warning Please avoid downloading games from The Pirate Bay or any site listed: here

How do I unlock insert random game title DLCs? Use the tools listed here to unlock DLCs.

How do I get canva pro? I need an invite please give You may find Canva pro invites here. !!!info If the links no longer work don't be afraid to contact the author of the site linked above.

Should I install & use insert random anti-virus software instead of using Windows Defender? No don't do that, windows defender is more than good enough, you don't need another anti-virus, but if you're set on installing a secondary AV the one worth installing is Malwarebytes. Please read the note here. !!!warning Stay away from Avast, Norton and McAfee, these are "bloatware" and generally not safe software.

How do I bypass this paywalled article? Use this / 2 to read the article easily.

How do I download image from insert stock site? You can use this if this doesn't work you can find similar stock image downloaders here.

Pirate Windows 🖥

Windows Piracy Guide - Pirate windows Windows ISOs - Download Windows Windows Activation - Activate Windows

Linux / MacOS Piracy

Linux 🐧

Linux Distros - Download Linux Distros Linux Piracy / Linux Gaming Guide - Piracy Guide for Linux Torrminatorr / Kapital Sin - Download Linux Games TorrFlix - Torrent Streaming CLI ani-cli - Anime Streaming Terminal

MacOS 🍎

MacIntosh Garden - MacOS Software Torrminatorr - Download MacOS Games Adobe Creative Cloud - Adobe CC Guide

Browser 🌐

Firefox / Librewolf / Browser Comparisons Browser Extensions / Userscripts - Add features & functionality to browser Dark Reader - Dark mode for all sites ReturnYoutubeDislikes - View YouTube dislikes Translate Web Pages - Translate sites Privacy Badger - Blocks invisible trackers. Buster - Auto captcha solver Privacy Pass - Auto captcha skipper

Adblocking 🚫

uBlock Origin - The most popular (and best) adblocking extension Adblock Defenders - Prevent sites from detecting adblocker System-Wide Adblock Guide - Free System-Wide Adblocking for iOS, MAC, Android & Windows Pop-up Blockers - Block all pop-ups SponsorBlock - Skip sponsored YouTube Ads Spotify Adblockers - Block Spotify Ads Twitch Adblockers - Block Twitch Ads Redirect Skippers - Bypass redirect sites

!!!note Piracy sites have ads, so it's highly recommended to install an adblocker + filters. Also note that it's not recommended to use more than one adblocker at a time.

Anti-virus 🛡

VirusTotal / Kaspersky Cloud - Test the safety of files Guide for VirusTotal - Virus Scan Results Guide Malwarebytes Premium - Antivirus software

!!!note Antivirus software is usually bloatware. Stick to trusted sources for games and software and you will be fine with nothing but Windows Defender and an occasional Malwarebytes scan. Remember to always scan software before installing with tools like VirusTotal / VToncolab or use it in Sandboxie.

Privacy 🔐

Privacy Guides - Privacy Guides Security List - Security Checklist DuckDuckGo / Mojeek - Tracker free web search ProtonMail / SkiffMail - Encrypted email service Temp Email Sites - Temporary emails Aegis / Ente - 2FA to prevent logins without user authentication HolyUnblocker - View sites blocked by ISP / school Password Managers - Save multiple passwords HaveIBeenPwned - Get notified when your email or phone number has been found in a data breach IVPN / Mullvad / Proton - Paid VPNs Riseup - Free VPN / Proton also has a free version / warning The Practical Linux Hardening Guide - Linux Privacy Guide File Encryption Tools - File Encryption Apps / Tools

!!!note Note that a VPN is not needed outside of torrenting. You can avoid the need for one altogether by sticking to direct download and streaming sites.

Streaming 📽

FMovies / movie-web / SusFlix - Fast streaming AniWatch / Marin / AniWave - Fast anime streaming Dramacool / KissAsian - Fast Asian drama streaming SportsSurge - Live sports streaming Spotify / YouTube Music - Music & podcast streaming / Spotify Adblock Streaming CSE / TV CSE - Multi-site search Anime Streaming CSE / 2 - Multi-site anime search How-to Find Rare Movies - Find obscure films

Downloading ⬇

RSLOAD / LRRepacks - Trusted software sites OlaMovies - Fast video downloads AnimeKaizoku - Fast anime downloads FitGirl Repacks / SteamRIP / GOG-Games - Game download sites / FitGirl Discord AlvRo / Vimms Lair - ROM download sites / Emulators Firehawk52 - Music Ripping Guide Slavart / DoubleDouble - Multi-Site Audio Download Free MP3 Download - MP3 / FLAC downloads Soulseek - Audio download app Download CSE / 2 - Multi-site download search Video Download CSE / 2 / 3 - Multi-site video download search Anime Download CSE - Multi-site anime download search Game Download CSE - Multi-site game download search Audio Download CSE / 2 / 3 - Multi-site audio download search !!!note When using DDL it's generally recommended to use a download manager such as Internet Download Manager(IDM) or JDownloader, they improve the ease of downloading along with the speeds. You'll find them here

Torrenting 🧲

!!!warning Torrenting can get you in trouble with your ISP, so make sure to use a VPN. Most VPNs offer a killswitch to prevent data leaks, but it's much more effective to bind your VPN to your client, preventing it from connecting at all unless your VPN is on.

qBittorrent / Transmission / Deluge / Remote Torrenting - Torrent clients Torrent to GDrive - Downloads torrents externally & uploads them to gdrive, avoiding the need for a VPN RuTracker / TorrentGalaxy - Torrent video, audio, games, software & more / Only download from reputable users FitGirl Repacks - Trusted game repacker Stremio - Torrent video streaming app EZTV - TV / Anime torrents Nyaa - Anime Torrents Torrent CSE / 2 - Multi-site torrent search Video Torrent CSE - Multi-site video torrent search Anime Torrent CSE - Multi-site anime torrent search Game Torrent CSE / 2 - Multi-site game torrent search Audio Torrent CSE - Multi-site audio torrent search

Reading 📖

Mobilism / Library Genesis / Z-Library / Annas Archive - Books, audiobooks, comics & more Audiobook Bay - Audiobook torrents / Avoid Fake DL links, Use Torrents / Magnets ReadComicsOnline - Read comics online MangaReader - Read manga online Reading CSE / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 - Multi-site book search Audiobook CSE - Multi-site audiobook search Comic CSE - Multi-site comic search Manga CSE / 2 - Multi-site manga search Ebook Readers - List of ebook readers

Mobile 📱

Cromite / Firefox/ Mull / Kiwi - Android web browsers Insight / Aloha / Kagi - iOS web browsers / Improve Safari AdGuard Premium / Adguard iOS / Blokada - Mobile adblocking apps Mobilism - Modded APKs /r/ApkApps Megathread - Updated list of modded APKs / Subreddit / Discord / Telegram APKMirror - Untouched APKs F-Droid - FOSS Android Apps Android APK CSE / 2 / 3 - Multi-site APK search Stremio - Video streaming app / Use VPN Kodi - iOS / Android TV compatible streaming app / /r/Addons4Kodi / Tracker / Trending ReVanced Manager - Ad-free YouTube Spotify Mod / iOS, 2 - Ad-free Spotify Complete Jailbreak Chart - Jailbreaking info & tools

Useful Stuff 💡

Video Players / Servers - Host & play videos Audio Players / Servers - Host & play audio Android Emulators - Use android apps on desktop File Hosting / Cloud Storage - Share, store & sync files File Download Managers / 2 - Manage file downloads Unzip / Compress Files - File unzippers / compression programs OpenSubtitles - Most popular subtitles site Multi-Tool Sites - Sites with multiple tools Unsafe Sites / Software - Things we feel should be avoided

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Table of Contents - For mobile users

► General Tools

▷ Text Tools

Image Tools

▷ Video Tools

▷ Audio Tools

Gaming Tools

Educational Tools

▷ Career Tools

AI Tools

Developer Tools

► Internet Tools

▷ Browsers


▷ Search Tools

▷ URL Tools

▷ Reddit Tools

▷ Discord Tools

Warning - Misuse of Chat Archivers, Deleters, Mods & 3rd Party Clients is against Discords TOS, so use them at your own risk.

▷ Telegram Tools

▷ YouTube Tools

▷ Twitch Tools

▷ Twitter Tools

▷ 4chan Tools

▷ Facebook Tools

Instagram Tools

► System Tools

▷ Hardware

▷ Customization

▷ Tweaking

▷ File Tools

▷ Virtual Machines

▷ Terminal / CLI

Linux Tools

Mac Tools

Android Tools

iOS Tools

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Table of Contents - For mobile users

► Audiobook Sites

► Reading Sites

▷ Classic Sites

▷ Religion / Esoterica

▷ Special Interest

► Educational Sites

▷ History Sites

▷ Programming Sites

▷ Documents / Articles

▷ Manual Sites

▷ Reference Sites

► Visual Media Sites

▷ Comic Sites

▷ Manga Sites

▷ Manhua / Manhwa

▷ Light Novel Sites

▷ Magazine Sites

▷ Newspaper Sites

► Tracking / Discovery

► Ebook Readers

► Helpful Sites / Apps

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Table of Contents - For mobile users

► Adblocking

▷ Adblocking Extensions

▷ DNS Adblocking

Linux Adblocking

Mac Adblocking

Android Adblocking

iOS Adblocking

► Antivirus

► Privacy

▷ Privacy Tools

▷ Privacy Extensions

▷ Browser Tools

▷ Search Engines

▷ Email Services

Linux Privacy

Mac Privacy

Android Privacy

iOS Privacy


  • Note - For torrenting it's recommended to use a paid rather than free VPN. Free VPNs are only really useful for things like viewing sites blocked by your ISP / country.

▷ VPN Tools

► Proxy

▷ Proxy Apps

▷ Proxy Sites

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Table of Contents - For mobile users

► Courses / Tutorials

▷ Cheat Sheets

▷ Web Development

▷ Game Development

▷ App Development

▷ Data Structures

▷ Data Science

▷ Python

▷ C / C++

▷ Cybersecurity

▷ Linux / CLI

▷ Git

▷ UI / UX

► Developer Tools

▷ Web Dev Tools

▷ Software Dev Tools

▷ App Dev Tools

▷ Game Dev Tools

▷ Git Tools

▷ CLI Tools

  • HTTPie - Command-Line HTTP Client
  • cURL - Transfer Data with URLs / Converter
  • WNIX - UNIX-like Windows Development Environment
  • Sift - grep Alternative
  • Edbrowse - Command Line Editor / Browser / Mail Client
  • Cride - Command Line Editor
  • Zoxide - Improved CD Command
  • YQ - Portable YAML Processor
  • Dockerized - Docker Command-Line
  • yoctocolors - Command Line Coloring Package
  • open - Open URLs, Files, Executables in CLI or Scripts
  • Hopa - Zero config CLI for running JavaScript / TypeScript

▷ Color Schemes

► Programming / Coding

▷ IDEs / Code Editors

▷ Cloud IDEs / Collab

▷ Markup Tools

▷ API Tools

▷ Machine Learning

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Table of Contents - For mobile users

3D Modeling Apps

Spline, Anim8or, Wings 3D, JustSketchMe, Tinkercad, ChokokuCAD, POV-Ray, FreeCAD, picoCAD, Vectary, LibreCAD, Art of Illusion, BRL-CAD, Posturize, Morflax

3D Models

CG Persia,, Sketchfab, GrabCAD, 3DCU, 3DLOAD, CGdownloads, Pack 3d models, 3DLOAD, cgtrader, Free3D, VRModels, CadNav, Blend Swap, 3DModelsCC0, Blender 3D Models, Render-State, Open3dModel, KiCad, Archive3D, TopGFX, 3dpirate, 3DExport, 3DMili Free Shop, ArchibasePlanet, Cults, 3dsky, TurboSquid, 3D Warehouse, BlenderKit, 3DMili,, RIGModels, Printables, Thangs, Pinshape, NASA 3D Resources, CG World, Blender Add-on, 3D Find It, free3dbase, open3dlab

4chan Archives

4GBs of 4chan Threads, Ten Billion, old.sage, BibAnon, 4Museum, Archive.4plebs, arch.b4k, Sup/tg/, 4chanSearch, 4search, palanq, desuarchive,, / 2

Adblock Defenders

Alternative Search Engines

Bing, OceanHero, Lycos, Advangle, WebCrawler, Million Short, Wiby, Andi, Excite, search, Metacrawler, fefoo, entireweb, ChatNoir, Exalead, Carrot2, 4Search,, Yahoo, FrogFind!, Visymo Search, AOL, All in One, All the Internet,, BizNar, WorldWideScience, ZincSearch, Whoogle Search, infospace, 2lingual

Alternative Software / App Sites

Ethical, Slant, SaaSHub,, ALTERNATIVES TO BLOATWARE,, Top Best Alternatives,, Open Source Alternative To,, PRISM Break, ListAlternative, Free Competitors, AppMus

Ambient Rain Sounds

Rainbow Hunt, Pluvior,,, Rainyscope

Android Audio Players

VLC for Android, mpv-android, Foobar2000, Vanilla Music, BlackHole, Metro, Retro Music Player, Auxio, Apollo Music Player, Music Player GO, Nyx Music Player, ExoPlayer, SoundSpice, mucke, Phonograph Plus, Musicmax, Tear Music, Pulse Music, Zen Music Player, Little Music Player

Android Browsers

Iceraven Browser, Kiwi Browser, Stargon Browser, Berry Browser, Ecosia, AlohaBrowser, Via Browser, Lynket, Lightning Browser, Float Browser, Fulguris

Privacy Based

Android File Explorers

rcx, Amaze File Manager, Simple File Manager, Ghost Commander, Solid Explorer, Material Files, ES File Explorer, Cx File Explorer, IrkFM, SD Maid SE, Pixel Search

Android Note Apps

Markor, sNotz, Bundled Notes, ColorNote, Notion, Joplin, Standard Notes, Notebook, UpNote, OneNote, Leaflet, neutriNote, Writer Plus, Orgzly, Justnote, Quillnote, Note to Self, Noto, Nabu, Obsidian, Saber, Quillpad, Firenote, Spooky, Moe Memos, Ara Note, Notally, Omni Notes

Android To-Do Apps

Tasks,, Simpletask, Orgzly, Dailly, Tasky, Alkaa, EverydayTasks, Taskito, discipline

Android Operating Systems

ProtonAOSP, Anarchy-Droid, Replicant, crDroid, Havoc-OS, BlissRoms, Paranoid Android, PixelExperience, Evolution X, e Foundation, BeyondROM

Android TV IPTV Players

TiviMate, iMPlayer, IPTV Smarters Pro, OTT Navigator, HomeIPTV

Android Video Players

VLC, mpv-android, YetAnotherVideoPlayer, Nova Video Player, Fermata Media Player, ExoPlayer, Aos AVP, SPlayer, Next Player

Anime Download Apps

adl, anigrab, animdl

Anonymous Image Boards

Post Office,, BUS STOP


Emsisoft Emergency Kit, Immunet, EsetKeyRobot, Kaspersky Beta

App Launchers

Neo Launcher, Microsoft Launcher, Olauncher, Unlauncher, Ratio, Edge Card Launcher, Stario Launcher, Discreet Launcher, Taskbar, Kvaesitso, Inure App Manager, KISS launcher, Lynx Launcher, Slim launcher, OpenLauncher, Nova Launcher, Skit, Lunar Launcher, Go Minimal

Audio Converters

Online Audio Converter, fre:ac, FlicFlac, LameXP, FFaudioConverter, SoX, dBpoweramp, FLAC2iTunes, M4A to MP3 Converter

Audio Editors

MusE, Lexis Audio Editor, mp3DirectCut, Ardour, LMMS, AudioMass, FamiStudio, ocenaudio, Wavosaur, Sneedacity, Radium, Audiodope, FL Studio, OpenMPT, Schism Tracker, WaveBots Editor, BandLab, AudioNodes, KXStudio

Online Audio Editors

AudioStudio, Audiotool, Soundtrap, BeepBox, Efflux, TwistedWave, AudioToolSet, Online Tone Generator, afreestudio, Safeaudiokit, Soundation

Audio Plugins

Producer Plug Sheet, Open-Source Audio Plugins & Apps, /u/BitterApple69 Plugins, FREE VST PLUGINS, KVR Audio, PLUGINS4FREE, DSK Music, LANDR, Native Instruments, SPARTA, IEM Plug-in Suite, Plugintorrent, /r/PluggnB, Free DAW plugins, Plugin Pastebin

Audio Servers

mStream, Mopidy, Fidbak, Madsonic, Navidrome, KooZic, Serviio, Polaris, Echo, Black Candy, Gonic, SynchronousAudioRouter

Audio Synthesizers

Web Audio Synth V2, SuperCollider, ZynAddSubFX, Surge XT, Dexed, Bespoke, Helm, TANGUY, SunVox, Sinsy, DSOUND Software, Hydrogen, Ribs, QasarBeach, /r/SynthRecipes, samplv1

Automation Tools

Make, Zapier, Huginn, IFTTT, Microsoft Power Automate, n8n, Automatio, Bardeen, Browserflow, Selenium



ASCII Art Creators

Text Smileys, ASCII art creator, ASCII Today, REXPaint, PabloDraw, ASCII Paint, DeepAA, Kakikun, Playscii

Background Removers

Remove BG, Rembg, Adobe Express Background Remover, Background Remover, Removal.AI, Trace, BackgroundCut, Retoucher Online,, FocoClipping, Fotor, Clipping Magic, Bg Eraser, BgSub, Background Remover AI, background-removal-js, bg_remove_ai_bot

BetterDiscord Tools

Plugins, Themes, Theme Editor, Support, Nitro Features, Messaging Panel

Blogging Platforms

Bear Blog, Haven, Multiverse, Letterpad, Mataroa, / Reader, Emanates Docs, PublicEmails, write freely, OffPress, You Don't Need WP, notepin, twtxt, Arbital, / Key

Browser eBook Readers

Online Cloud File Viewer, Tranquility Reader, EpubPress, Postlight Reader, Ebook Reader for web, Readwok, 2read, Reader Mode, ePub Reader Online, Ebook Reader

Browser Games

Armor Games, Kongregate, Weboasis Arcade, Addicting Games, OneMoreLevel, Miniclip, Not Doppler, Nitrome, Poki, Y8, Arkadium, Crazy Games, GamezHero, Yandex Games, Nicky Case, Gamepix, KibaGames, yell0wsuit, Kizi, Gamaverse, FOG, RoundGames, Radon Games, Snokido, 2amGames, Game Game, ArcadeSpot, N-Arcade, watabou, Key Games, GamesFlare, Gaming Wonderland, Game Top, Foddy, ALFY, GameKB, Andkon, DAN-BALL, Play-Games, KBHGames, Unity3DGames, FreeGames, PrimaryGames, MSM Games, CAMLBOY, Cartoon Network Games / 2, Disney Games, Lego Games, Friv / 2, RetroGMZ, FreeWebArcade

Browser Startpages

8bitdash, 8 Bit Dashboard, Startpage Emporium, Awesome Startpage, StartTree, New Tab Addons, Clippingmini, Draggo, Atavi, Homepage Ninja, Bookmarkee, Pearltrees, Lasso, Nextcloud, Cling, Symbaloo, Tixio, Bento,, nightly, Protopage, tilde, Homepage, Fluidity, AllMyFaves

Bookmark Managers, Bookmark OS, Bookmarkify, Patchwork,, buku, booky,, WebCrate, Unmark, Diigo, linkding, LinkAce, Tagpacker,, Shaarli, Openoox, Mission Control, histre, BrainyTab, Save For Later, Zulu, Contentle, Clipix, WebCull, Collect, Trove, GGather, Dropmark, Bookmarkme, Bublup, Bkmark, Shiori, LinkSnatch

Extensions, Sidebery, Save to Bookmark OS, Bookmarks Organizer, Omni, Centroly

Bulk File Renamers

theRenamer, Szyszka, Massive File Renamer, Massren, Renamer, PowerRename, File Renamer Diff, Ant Renamer

Calculator Sites

CalculatorSoup, Number Empire, EasyCalculation,, KeepFormula, CalculatorHut, Keisan, GigaCalculator


Zoho Calendar, Tweek, TinyMonth, TOAST UI Calendar, Gantt, Morgen

Calibre Libraries,,,,

Calibre Tools

ChatGPT Discord Bots

chatgpt-discord-bot, Erin, SallyBot

ChromeOS Tools

Clipboard Managers

ArsClip, ClipboardMemo, CopyQ, Free Clipboard Viewer, ClipAngel, XClipper, MultiClipBoardSlots, Clipboard Canvas, Xtra Clipboard, Control V, Clipper

Code Editors

CudaText, Lapce, SpaceVim, Pulsar, The Ultimate vimrc, Vim, Lite XL, Kakoune, Brackets, Micro, Komodo Edit, Textadept, Spacemacs, Notepad2, Sublime Text, Light Table, 4coder, Warp, Avalonia UI, massCode, Amp, Visual Studio Code, Graviton, BBEdit, Vim-LaTeX, ecode

Online Code Editors

JSFiddle, W3Schools' Tryit, Collabedit, Portacode, Ideone, PlayCode, ObjGen, html-css-js

Mac Code Editors

Coding Tutorials

RIP Tutorial, Programiz, Python Tutor, calmcode, Tuts 4 You, Codelabs, Free Ebook Foundation's Interactive Programming Tutorials, Nayuki, ZetCode, Xah Code,, Guru99, Use My Notes, Ultimate Programming All-in-One Tutorials, FreeCourseSite, Project Based Learning, Javatpoint, Techno Smarter

Color Palette Generators

Colormind, SchemeColor, ColorSpace, Material Palette, Adobe Color, 0to255, Bootflat, BrandColors, colorful gradients, COLOURlovers, CoolHue, Flat UI Colors 2, Material UI, Color Hunt, ColorsWall, Pigment, Image to Color Palette Generator, ColourCode, Colorscales,, Color Palette Generator, ColorBox, Eva Design System, Scale,, Color Lisa, Cohesive Colors, Color Leap, ColorHuddle, Coolors, UI Colors, Randoma11y, Pywal, ColorKit, Huemint, accessiblepalette, colorcolor, copypalette,, poolors, supercolorpalette

Color Pickers

Colordot, Sorted CSS Colors, Chroma, Adobe Color, Color Deck, ColorKit, Colorpicker, Culrs, COLORWISE, Geenes, Image Color Picker, Instant Eyedropper, Khroma, Just Color Picker, Material Design Palette Generator, Picular, React Color, Leonardo, Colors, Color Picker, cccolor, instant-eyedropper, ColorKit's Color Picker, epick, Pixie

Collaboration Platforms

Doozy, Zulip, Miro, Mattermost, Twake, Asana, Freedcamp, Lumeer, Slab, Focalboard, WeKan, Kanboard, Skiff, Mural, Dendron, Lucidchart, Trello, Planka, Taskcafe, Room, Atlassian, linear

Cooking YouTube Channels

Babish Culinary Universe, Jamie Oliver, Kenji López-Alt, Bon Appétit, Mythical Kitchen, Peaceful Cuisine, Seonkyoung Longest, You Suck At Cooking, Nino's Home, Adam Ragusea, 조꽁드Joconde's baking, Ruby Ka Kitchen

Copy Google Drives

GdriveCloneWeb, Google Drive Copy Folder, googledrive-copy-downloader, TgFolderClone, Telegram-CloneBot, Copy Folder, gdrive-clone, Telegram File Tools, Google Drive Clone Bot

Command Line Shells

fish, Elvish, Es, Ion, Yash, Xonsh, Nushell

Compression Programs

SuperCompression, Hamster ZIP Archiver, unzip-online, pigz, GNU Gzip, ezyZip, FreeArc, UltraARC, p7zip-zstd, RazorX 2, FileOptimizer, bzip2, Bandizip, TUGZip, 7-Zip ZS,, IZArc, ZIP Extractor, Zipware, WinZip, Efficient Compression Tool, Minuimus

Covers / Posters

The Poster Database, Cover Century, covrik, DVD Covers, Cover Addict VIP, Gaming Alexandria, POSTER-MAN, dlhCollections, The Poster Collector, Movie Posters Gallery, Film on Paper, GameTDB, JoBlo,