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View plot.awk
#!/usr/bin/awk -f
# This program is a copy of guff, a plot device.
# My copy here is written in awk instead of C, has no compelling benefit.
# Public domain. @thingskatedid
# Run as awk -v x=xyz ... or env variables for stuff?
# Assumptions: the data is evenly spaced along the x-axis
# TODO: moving average
mamund / setAuth0JWT.js
Last active May 21, 2020
auth0 JWT in Postman API Testing
View setAuth0JWT.js
Retrieve a JWT from Auth0 for Postman
2020-05-15 : @mamund @greatwebapis
1) create API definition in Auth0 with
"client_credential" (machine-to-machine)
2) pull the following from Auth0 API config:
- domain
enricofoltran / main.go
Last active Jul 20, 2020
A simple golang web server with basic logging, tracing, health check, graceful shutdown and zero dependencies
View main.go
package main
import (
ErikAugust / spectre.c
Last active Jul 23, 2020
Spectre example code
View spectre.c
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#include <intrin.h> /* for rdtscp and clflush */
#pragma optimize("gt",on)
#include <x86intrin.h> /* for rdtscp and clflush */
s4nchez / BarelyMagical.kt
Created Aug 22, 2017
A simple wrapper around utterlyidle
View BarelyMagical.kt
import com.googlecode.utterlyidle.*
import com.googlecode.utterlyidle.servlet.ApplicationServlet
import javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet
import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest
import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse
class Application(bindings: List<Binding>): HttpHandler {
val matcher = BindingMatcher(bindings = bindings)
override fun handle(request: Request): Response {
tednaleid / gist:c4ed5ec8e047f1adb13c1dd333bbb2e2
Created Mar 24, 2017
shell commands for finding and deleting duplicate files based on md5sum of the file
View gist:c4ed5ec8e047f1adb13c1dd333bbb2e2
This will find all the duplicate photos in a `raw_photos` directory.
create md5sum of all files (after `brew install coreutils`):
find raw_photos -type f -exec gmd5sum "{}" + > files.md5
then sort that and you can find the files where the md5sum (the first field) is repeated for spot-checking and comparison
View functional core, imperative

1. Separation of immutable and mutable logic

Quite a lot of different people have been on the same trail of thought. Gary Bernhardt's formulation of a "functional core, imperative shell" seems to be the most voiced.

"Boundaries" - Gary Bernhardt

"Imperative shell" that wraps and uses your "functional core".. The result of this is that the shell has fewer paths, but more dependencies. The core contains no dependencies, but encapsulates the different logic paths. So we’re encapsulating dependencies on one side, and business logic on the other side. Or put another way, the way to figure out the separation is by doing as much as you can without mutation, and then encapsulating the mutation separately. Functional core — Many fast unit tests. Imperative shell — Few integration tests

View tunings.adoc

Ratpack Production Tunings

# cat /etc/security/limits.conf

*         hard    nofile      500000
*         soft    nofile      500000
root      hard    nofile      500000
root      soft    nofile      500000
aaronhanson / SftpServer.groovy
Created Dec 31, 2014
Simple Groovy Sftp Server
View SftpServer.groovy
@Grab(group='org.apache.sshd', module='sshd-core', version='0.13.0')
import org.apache.sshd.SshServer
import org.apache.sshd.server.PasswordAuthenticator
import org.apache.sshd.server.command.ScpCommandFactory
import org.apache.sshd.server.keyprovider.SimpleGeneratorHostKeyProvider
import org.apache.sshd.server.session.ServerSession
import org.apache.sshd.server.sftp.SftpSubsystem
nickbauman /
Last active Nov 1, 2019
Condensed iOS Human Interface Guidelines, formulated as imperatives.

Condensed iOS Human Interface Guidelines

Imperatives for AppStore approval

For iPhone app developers. Emphasis on getting the fastest app store approval. Everything stated as suggestion made into an imperative. When "violating" these imperatives, you can check for yourself what the caveats are. Generally speaking, deviating will more likely cause your app to be hung up in approval.

You can read this entire document in about 20 minutes. This is faster than reading and understanding the entire Human Interface Guidelines.


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