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@ttscoff /init.lua
Last active Dec 17, 2017

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Hammerspoon config examples for hyper key
-- A global variable for the Hyper Mode
k ={}, "F17")
-- Trigger existing hyper key shortcuts
k:bind({}, 'm', nil, function() hs.eventtap.keyStroke({"cmd","alt","shift","ctrl"}, 'm') end)
-- OR build your own
launch = function(appname)
k.triggered = true
-- Single keybinding for app launch
singleapps = {
{'q', 'MailMate'},
{'w', 'OmniFocus'},
{'e', 'Sublime Text'},
{'r', 'Google Chrome'}
for i, app in ipairs(singleapps) do
k:bind({}, app[1], function() launch(app[2]); k:exit(); end)
-- Sequential keybindings, e.g. Hyper-a,f for Finder
a ={}, "F16")
apps = {
{'d', 'Twitter'},
{'f', 'Finder'},
{'s', 'Skype'},
for i, app in ipairs(apps) do
a:bind({}, app[1], function() launch(app[2]); a:exit(); end)
pressedA = function() a:enter() end
releasedA = function() end
k:bind({}, 'a', nil, pressedA, releasedA)
-- Shortcut to reload config
ofun = function()
hs.reload()"Config loaded")
k.triggered = true
k:bind({}, 'o', nil, ofun)
-- Enter Hyper Mode when F18 (Hyper/Capslock) is pressed
pressedF18 = function()
k.triggered = false
-- Leave Hyper Mode when F18 (Hyper/Capslock) is pressed,
-- send ESCAPE if no other keys are pressed.
releasedF18 = function()
if not k.triggered then
hs.eventtap.keyStroke({}, 'ESCAPE')
-- Bind the Hyper key
f18 = hs.hotkey.bind({}, 'F18', pressedF18, releasedF18)
-- Cursor locator
local mouseCircle = nil
local mouseCircleTimer = nil
function mouseHighlight()
size = 150
-- Delete an existing highlight if it exists
if mouseCircle then
if mouseCircleTimer then
-- Get the current co-ordinates of the mouse pointer
mousepoint = hs.mouse.getAbsolutePosition()
-- Prepare a big red circle around the mouse pointer
mouseCircle =, mousepoint.y-(size/2), size, size))
mouseCircle2 =, mousepoint.y-(size/4), size/2, size/2))
-- Set a timer to delete the circle after 3 seconds
mouseCircleTimer = hs.timer.doAfter(1, function() mouseCircle:delete() mouseCircle2:delete() end)
hs.hotkey.bind({"cmd","alt","shift"}, "D", mouseHighlight)
-- HYPER+L: Open in the default browser
-- lfun = function()
-- news = "app = Application.currentApplication(); app.includeStandardAdditions = true; app.doShellScript('open')"
-- hs.osascript.javascript(news)
-- k.triggered = true
-- end
-- k:bind('', 'l', nil, lfun)

so funny I spent the day working on the same thing.
Like your array setting approach here
Here is my somewhat similar config

@ttscoff @prenagha Thank you both. It took a bit to work out the key.triggered = true. For people following the path, here's my simple gist for all my keys mapped in applications other than Keyboard Maestro

Yet another working hyper/esc config

Thank you for your work on this! I forked and uploaded my tweaked code for my own setup here:

Gave attribution but not sure of the correct etiquette, so let me know if anything should be revised.

Still can't seem to get this to work in Sierra. Disabled Capslock in Sys Preferences > Keyboard. Then installed Karabiner.

Have this in my ~/.karabiner.d/configuration/karabiner.json file:

    "profiles": [
            "name": "Default profile",
            "selected": true,
            "simple_modifications": {
                "caps_lock": "f18"

Still no dice. Do I need Seal?

I don't get it you have bind f18 key in karabiner.json but in this gist Hyper is bind do F17

I decided to delete Hammerspoon and stay with caps-escape binding.
mapping shortcuts in Hammerspoon not work properly because at every capslock release escape is triggered which makes some of my shortcuts unreliable

I'm having a problem with this config, I cannot do multiple keypresses with the hyper key. I made my hyper just press CTRL along with another key, so that I can use Caps Lock as both control and escape. However, I can only press one CTRL chord before having to release the key and press it again for another chord, and it sends ESC in between, which is very inconvenient.

There is missing a k:exit(); for the existing hyper+key shortcuts.

- k:bind({}, 'm', nil, function() hs.eventtap.keyStroke({"cmd","alt","shift","ctrl"}, 'm') end)
+ k:bind({}, 'm', nil, function() k:exit(); hs.eventtap.keyStroke({"cmd","alt","shift","ctrl"}, 'm') end)

If the k:exit(); is absent the modifiers will affect the action you trigger.

E.g. I use it to trigger KeyboardMaestros "Insert Text by Typing" action, and without the k:exit(); any character on the pasteboard that matches a bound shortcut will fire.

skehlet commented Apr 25, 2017

Thanks for this, very helpful. One comment: maybe it's just me, but I found the use of F17 on k (and the F16 on a) confusing as a new user. I was puzzling over what these new F keys were for, and wondering why they were necessary since we bound Caps lock to F18. After playing around with it, it seems you can just create the modal object without any associated keybinding:

k =

and then, as you do later on, bind F18 to enter/exit the modal on key down/up.

If anyone is interested in looking over a very simple version (that also doesn't involve the Escape key), check out my config.

Hi all,
I am using a compact keyboard, the numpad won't work correctly until set Numlock on.
In previous Karabiner version, I can use following settings to achieve this:

This selection VK_IOHIKEYBOARD_TOGGLE_NUMLOCK doesn't seem to exist in the Karabiner-Elements.

Do you know how to enable this mapping in this elements version? this feature is really useful for users using compact keyboard, as the num pad is disabled by default, without correct mapping, the number pad cannot be used properly.

I find user can edit the JSON file (same as we did in private.xml in old version of Karabiner, but for some reason cannot map a key to windows locking_num_lock. As it has "not_to" : true

"name": "locking_num_lock",
"not_to": true

Thanks a lot.

oolugh commented May 12, 2017

Recently I found a new app called SpaceLauncher. It uses spacebar as a hyper key.
I've played with space launcher for a short time and it looks like a great app. The spacebar is so comfortable to type. Now it has almost replaced my Hammerspoon config.

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