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A list of domains for disposable and temporary email addresses. Useful for filtering your email list to increase open rates (sending email to these domains likely will not be opened).
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JedMeister commented Jul 1, 2021

We have layers of spam protection but the ones that seem to get through (and do use public disposable mail services) appear to be human.

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timthedev07 commented Jul 27, 2021

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syedhasibulalam commented Sep 6, 2021

For me, is the best. its user experience is better than other websites and the main thing is I can add custom username on my temporary email

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AbelNHM commented Nov 16, 2021

Update servers

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EleqanT commented Dec 14, 2021

I use this one - It is new and its domains have not yet been blocked anywhere.

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7c commented Feb 27, 2022

Thanks for this dist. We have started as a fully automated approach to watch temp/fake-email providers. We are constantly watching them from dedicated servers and try to detect new domains as fast as possible and auto-update the repo. For now, added JS interface but will add Go/Python Interfaces. I have mentioned this gist in the README. I will be watching this dist for updates about the provider. Any help to submit new providers is appreciated. Daily updates and new providers will come next days/weeks

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lloydwatkin commented Apr 14, 2022

To add:

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nikkhil160 commented Apr 21, 2022

To add:

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emrahaydemir commented Apr 22, 2022

there is a no end of these. you should create a accepted mail list. like: only these mail will be accepted

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krnbr commented Aug 1, 2022

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samson0091 commented Sep 1, 2022

This one,, is the one I use. Because it is brand new, its domains have not yet been banned in any locations.

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