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Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am hintss on github.
  • I am hintss ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 0E8C 7C8A 8E27 9D9A 5025 BBEC 6E20 7835 2EF4 9ECA

To claim this, I am signing this object:

View gist:cd03c8779b7a594833bf
InfIV being dumb on spigot irc
18:07:55 < InfIV> Is the best way to make my server not laggy is just to give it more ram?
18:08:27 < Fayettemat> InfIV, that really depends tbh
18:08:37 < InfIV> I'm giving it 2GB ram atm
18:08:40 < InfIV> Should I give it 5?
18:08:43 < InfIV> It only runs 6 plugins
18:08:48 <%Akkarin> InfIV: RAM rarely has anything to do with lag
View gist:c77d5833ce5e0b5c28dd
String input = "blah";
StringBuilder output = new StringBuilder();
ChatColor[] colors = new ChatColor[] {ChatColor.RED, ChatColor.GOLD, ChatColor.YELLOW, ChatColor.GREEN, ChatColor.AQUA, ChatColor.LIGHT_PURPLE, ChatColor.DARK_PURPLE};
for (int i = 0; i < input.length(); i++) {
output.append(colors[i % colors.length]).append(input.substring(i, i + 1));
View gist:5747140
[00:35:07] * cools12 (webchat@ has joined
[00:35:12] <cools12> whats ip?
[00:35:31] <Grinch|Away> For what/
[00:35:36] <Grinch|Away> ?
[00:35:36] <cools12> server
[00:35:39] <Grinch|Away> What server?
[00:35:44] <cools12> this server
[00:35:50] <cools12> Spigot
[00:35:57] <Grinch|Away> Spigot doesn't have it's own server, it's server software.
[00:36:00] <LaxWasHere>
hintss / gist:4159702
Last active Oct 13, 2015
snoonet drama
View gist:4159702
first, the DNS went out.
21:11:11 -!- Netsplit *.net <-> *.split quits: t0mcat, GodOfAtheism, edk, Krenair, Paradox, BaconOverdose, Nebraska, jonbgud, LostInInaka, MAssEy, (+125 more, use /NETSPLIT to show all of them)
Then after:
23:09:04 [snoonet] -!- WALLOP 1ZYAAAAAU: Every one thank Kyle for attempting to destroy Snoonet. This is the thanks we get. His name on freenode is Kyle, and he is 16 years old.
23:09:25 [snoonet] -!- WALLOP 1ZYAAAAAU: We will be restoring every thing
View gist:4129715
20:02:52 * mazer turns around and noticed Derp getting red in the face.
20:03:39 * mazer covers his ears. "We're in a story" said Derp
20:03:49 <+mazer> "That's insane" said user
20:04:28 <@derp> mazer: save this for the story! I want to read it all
20:04:30 <+mazer> "Everything around us, everything we're saying... It's just in the mind of some lunatic who types it up"
he said.
20:05:10 <+DuoNoxSol> lunatic++
20:05:47 <@derp> mazer: <?
20:05:47 <@derp> < stray tag on your awesome website.
20:06:09 <@derp> do you know how to php?
View gist:4050420
00:26:36 <@neoinr|afk> hintss: i worked out your theme song
00:26:57 -!- neoinr|afk is now known as neoinr
00:27:26 <@neoinr> Hintss,
00:27:29 <@neoinr> He wants,
00:27:31 <@neoinr> Wants to have fun
00:27:40 <@neoinr> Some boys take a beautiful hintss
00:27:47 <@neoinr> and hide him away from the rest of the world
00:27:56 <@neoinr> hintss wants to be the one to walk in the sun
00:27:59 <@neoinr> Oh, hintsss
00:28:03 <@neoinr> He wants to have fun
hintss / gist:4050158
Last active Oct 12, 2015
jercos quotes
View gist:4050158
21:33:12 < jercos> Assert::require($hintss->hintss(),Assert::IS_EQUAL,"lol");
21:51:07 < dipshit> o__o
21:51:16 <~hintss> augh perl
21:54:21 < dipshit> <3 perl
21:54:45 <~hintss> lol
00:30:27 < jercos> perl is best language
00:30:43 < jercos> all the functionality of Python and awk, wrapped in the comfortable syntax of C and bash
00:31:49 < jercos> a drizzle of originality, the object-orientation system that inspired PHP's current horror, and an overload philosophy that belongs in a math textbook
00:32:20 < jercos> perl is to scripts as lisp is to code :D
00:32:31 < jercos> an elegant weapon, from a more civilized age
View gist:3991192
23:08:07 < jercos> I'm killing the saybots the slow way
23:08:13 <@hintss> and that is?
23:08:57 <@hintss> jercos: i keep a 1 week scrollback :P
23:09:10 < jercos> oh
23:09:10 < jercos> k
23:09:11 < jercos> lol
23:09:17 <@hintss> which will probably end up being a bad thing after this :P
23:09:20 < jercos> >time based log rotation
23:09:25 <@hintss> 23:09:17 [murrica] ! *** Flood -- Roberto__! (12264) exceeds 8000 recvQ
View ansibles
19:51:02 <+hintss> wait, is this artemis or artemis3?
19:52:40 <@jercos> hintss: artemis2
19:53:09 <@jercos> artemis3 is in serious need of love
19:53:15 <+hintss> lol
19:53:19 <@jercos> so the question is, who do I love first?
19:53:25 <+hintss> jercos: artemis4
19:53:28 <@jercos> k
19:53:41 <@jercos> so artemis2 used modules, artemis3 used sockets, artemis4 will use ansibles
19:53:58 <@jercos> hintss: invent ansibles, then I'll artemis4
19:54:06 <+hintss> LOL
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