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my autohotkey gists
name description version
change case change the case of selected text
dynaclip basic web clipper for
file properties open properties for the selected file 1.1
google time range πŸ”Ž switch between the various time ranges (hour, day, week, month, year)
goto open folder πŸ“‚ show a list of open folders when youre at a "save as" or "open" dialog 1.3
i.mage πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ one click image download 0.1
lightshot+ various improvements for the lightshot screenshot app 0.4.3
linker πŸ”— generate a markdown link from the clipboard or selection 2.1
media keys turn any key into a media key, then double tap to send the original key 1.2
onTop 🎩 manage 'always on top' windows from a context menu 0.2
open with sublime text (for the portable version that lacks the context menu option)
peek under πŸ‘οΈ peek under the current window without deactivating it 0.3
quick dates πŸ“† hotstrings to quickly type various date formats 2.1
restart clipboard remember the clipboard state between restarts/shutdowns
root url load the root url of the current webpage
shift windows window management hotkeys remapped for one handed use
spotify operators search operator hotstrings: album:, artist:, year: etc 1.5
[square tag] 🏷️ add a tagspaces style [tag] to a filename 0.3.1
txt.replace replace a character with another, interactively 1.0
txt.swap swap text at a certain character or word 1.2
txt.wrap ✏️ wrap selected text in <symbols> 0.1
tiny clipboard πŸ“‹ microscopic clipboard manager (text only) 1.2
youtube/vlc hotkeys vlc hotkeys remapped to match youtube's hotkeys



file explorer previews view .ahk files in windows explorer preview pane
long press key list my key list for long press.ahk
sublime snippets sublime text auto-complete snippets for some of the functions below



name description version
all script settings full list script settings to be #included in your main script or used as a quick reference
auto_include() πŸ“ƒ create a list of .ahk files to be #included in your main script 1.10
built_in() change, restore or reset various built-in script settings 1.1
clipboard() one line clipboard commands 1.1
close ahk errors save to close any ahk error windows
compile() πŸ“¦ compile an .ahk file to .exe with the option to search for an icon
ex_this() πŸ’ˆ combine auto-execute sections from #included scripts into your main script 0.3.6
goto ahk help search the selected word in the local autohotkey .chm help file 1.4
goto error goto line and highlight the error text (autohotkey/sublime text only) 3.4
list_vars() πŸ› list the variables in the current file or label/hotkey/function
msgbox check check the text in a msgbox for trailing characters 1.2
msg() πŸ’¬ message commands that are quick to type and easy to switch between 2.5
reloadr 🚚 reload running scripts from a context menu 0.7
run at startup tray option to run your scripts at startup 3.0
script_icon() πŸ–ΌοΈ automagically search for an icon that matches the script name
strip() πŸ₯“ strip comments, comments blocks and empty lines from a string 2.3.1
timer() a_tickCount or "QueryPerformanceCounter" timer
tray menu defaults default items/actions for the tray menu


between() split between two characters/words/sentences
counter_reset() keep a number within a certain range when adding/subtracting
clear_split() clear a split array/object array
days_in_month() find how many days are in a given month
double_tap() double tap a key to send a hotkey or a label
get_selected() gets selected text (or path of selected file/folder)
ordinal() add an ordinal suffix to a number (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc)
passed() get the parameters that have been passed to the script
quote() wrap a string in quotes
randomer() the default random command but without returning the same number twice in a row
send_hotkey() prepare hotkey text for the send command: ^!a to ^!{a}
sp() return or append a singular/plural suffix
stored_in() get the variable stored in a name
sublime_file() get the file that is open/focused in sublime text
truncate() truncate a string
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