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Karl Marx: Das Kapital Band 1, Anhang zu Kapitel 1.1

Karl Marx: Capital Volume 1, first edition 1867. Appendix to Chapter 1.1

Die Wertform.

The Value Form

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Heiligendorff Popularization thesis

Franz Heilgendorff

The questionable thesis of a progressive popularization in Capital and its consequences

Apart from the first book[^1], Marx's Capital remained unfinished. However, it seems to have become a commonplace to understand Marx's main work as a torso, which in turn determines the perspective of reception right up to popularizing introductions. It assumes that Marx did not understand himself and left behind a work that is anything other than "a completed, coherent theory that has been thought through to its conclusion" (Bruschi et al. 2012, 13). In particular, the "New Marx Reading" following Hans-Georg Backhaus (1969) directs the focus to the first three chapters, because this new approach is "particularly clear" there (Heinrich 2005b, 11). The questions that preoccupy and often divide readers of Capital revolve around the following points: "What is value all about, and where exactly does it come from? Is Capital also a history of capitalism? Why does Marx begin his analysis with com

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Horstmann 'Ontologie, interne und externe Relationen', introductory and Ch 1 on Hegel on relations, concept etc.

Preliminary Remarks.

The present paper is mainly concerned with the ontological aspects of the controversy about internal and external relations that has been carried on between F. H. Bradley (1846-1924) and B.Russell (1872-1970). Since this controversy, and with it the philosophical environment in which it developed, as well as at least one of its two protagonists, have now been almost completely forgotten, for good reasons, it is not so much the controversy itself that can justify the attention given to it here. Rather, it is the consequences associated with this con troverse that suggest its consideration.

Two of these consequences are particularly noteworthy. One consists in the conviction, based on the supposed outcome of the controversy, that so-called 'monistic' theories of reality must be regarded as unsuitable, on logical grounds alone, for providing consistent models for the interpretation of what is. The second consequence consists in the assumption, related to the first one about some misunderst

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Franz Petry, The Social Content of Marx's Theory of Value

The Social Content of Marx's Theory of Value

Franz Petry

Doctor of Political Science, Jena

In memory of Franz Petry.

The author of this book, Dr. Franz Petry, did not live to see the publication of his book. - After Petry had received his doctorate in May 1914, he hurried to take up arms at the outbreak of the war, but soon had to leave the service again due to serious illness and take a stay in Merano and Abbazia for several months. When he visited me here after his recovery in June of this year, he informed me that he would be undergoing military training in his hometown of Frankfurt a. M. for some time after July 1, but that he hoped to return to the front soon. He followed my advice to use this training time for printing and correcting his doctoral thesis, but wrote me on August 20 that he had received orders to report to a battery in Zossen and for this reason could not personally make possible the final completion and publication of his thesis. & He asked me to take care of the last formalitie

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Soviet Anti-Zionism and Contemporary Left Antisemitism

Soviet Anti-Zionism and Contemporary Left Antisemitism

by Izabella Tabarovsky

Anti-Zionist caricature from the Soviet magazine, Krokodil, 1972.

For many decades, virulently antisemitic forms of 'anti-Zionism' were central to the cold war propaganda of the Communist states. In this powerful essay Izabella Tabarovsky not only lays bare the entire shameful story of Soviet Judeophobia but shows us that, to quote William Faulkner, 'the past is not dead, it is not even past'.

This essay is also available in  Polish.

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Exzerpte, Notizen und Zeitungsausschnitte / Excerpts, notes and newspaper clippings circa 1869 - [MEGA² IV/19](

Exzerpte, Notizen und Zeitungsausschnitte

Excerpts, notes and newspaper clippings circa 1869 - MEGA² IV/19


Timm Grassman

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William Boyes, Memoir of Kobane (Arap Punar) and the construction of the Baghdad railroad

Personal recollections of the construction of the Baghdad Railroad

Presented to the Technical Society of New York

Mr. William Boyes, Engineer, member of the Technical Society of New York

[On the rail line in general]

Probably never has a great cultural enterprise been so hotly contested and encountered so many intermediate pitfalls and obstacles to its completion as the Baghdad Railway, so often mentioned in the course of the present war. And nevertheless it is quite astonishing how few the great public, not only here in America, but also in all European countries, knows about this railroad, which is destined to connect the sawen-like Orient of Harun Al Rashid, surrounded by fairy tales and legends, with the great cultural countries of the West of Europe, and by transferring their newer achievements to reawaken the old life, which has been sleeping there since the times of the Middle Ages.

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Павел Филатьев, ZOV


It's been a month and a half since I returned from the war in Ukraine, yes, I know that you can not say this word "war", it was banned, but still I will say "war", understand correctly, I am 33 years old and all my life I only tell the truth, even if to my detriment, here is such a "wrong" and can not do anything about it. So this is war, our Russian army shoots at the Ukrainian army, and the latter shoots back, shells and missiles explode there, have you ever heard the sound of a shell coming towards you? If not, that's a pity, it's an unforgettable feeling of vibration and whistling of air when all your insides turn over, just takes your breath away, then if you're lucky you hear an explosion and think it's definitely your day, of course if you realize you did not get hurt in the blast wave and your body did not take some shrapnel, but if not, then you had a bad day and this time you were not lucky, in short it's a hell of a job...

At the same military killed on both sides, as well as civilians who

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Gérard Duménil *Concept of Economic Law in Capital* / *Le concept de loi économique dans "Le Capital"*


The theme of the research

Placing "the concept of economic law in Capital" at the center of one's research is obviously a large-scale task, which one would like to be able to approach progressively, element by element, before beginning a necessary effort of synthesis. However, if there are researches that can be divided up as the researcher wishes, to present their multiple facets in turn, we will agree that ours is not one of them. To deal with the concept of economic law is to evoke a certain number of themes that support each other, that are indispensable to each other. Confronted with the necessity of making a choice within such a wide-ranging subject, we had to face the impossibility of restricting the field of our research, which would take as its starting point the selection of a certain number of specific themes. Could we have dealt with one type of law, for example, in order to exclude a second type from our study? The attempts we made in this direction proved the contrary. It w

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Balibar, On Reproduction

Reading Capital. Louis Althusser, Étienne Balibar 1968

Part III: The Basic Concepts of Historical Materialism (Étienne Balibar)

First published by Librairie François Maspero, Paris, 1968;
Translated by Ben Brewster;
This translation first published New Left Books 1970.